Point Agricultural Society issued an urgent call for help yesterday (Wednesday July 17th) after strong winds took hold of one of their marquees and blew it into the community centre at Aird.

Tiumpanhead Community Centre’s gable end wall took the brunt of the impact as the large marquee flew across the showground. When it was spotted by neighbours, it was wrapped round the centre and across the roof.

The show committee were midway through the process of dismantling their marquees, after a successful show on Saturday in dry and warm weather. Monday’s sunshine meant the process of getting the tents dismantled was well underway, but the centre’s high position made it vulnerable to winds over Tuesday evening.

After a group of willing volunteers had rushed to the rescue yesterday afternoon, committee member Tom Clark posted thanks on the Point/An Rubha noticeboard, saying: “The marquee is a complete write-off but there doesn't seem to be any damage to the Community Centre. We were in fact fortunate it hit the gable wall, which has no windows, and not someone's house.”

The picture shows the marquee wrapped around the end of Tiumpanhead Community Centre (Tom Clark).