The Lochs Show crowds this afternoon (Saturday July 27th) showed that a little bit of rain - indeed, quite a lot of rain at times - was not going to stop them having a good time.

Most people arrived well-equipped to cope with a sudden swap to warm, wet weather – and the covered areas, including stands, marquees, play zones and the halls and offices on the Laxay showground site, were all full to capacity as the hundreds of defiant visitors flooded in and out as the rainfall ebbed and flowed.

The show was opened by Councillor Charlie Nicolson - who, among many other accolades and official positions, is am Honorary Citizen of the town of Nisporeni in Moldova where he has been involved in charity work for many years.  He is also a trustee of the Scottish Emergency Rescue Association which is sharing the benefits of the famous show raffle.  This year's car - a Dacia Sandero - was won by Fiona Howatt.

Charlie Nicolson spoke in his opening remarks of the key role of such events in community life, and the key role of local volunteers in working so hard so the community could enjoy such events.  He also called for devolution of investment from Edinburgh and Stornoway to rural areas to create more sustainable communities in the future.