Western Isles Weather is marking ten years since Stornoway’s own tornado with a special blog post today (Sunday July 28th).

The tornado formed around 10pm on July 28th2009 during a period of intense storms across the whole of the islands.

It first crossed Goat Island, sinking a small boat at her moorings, and then hit the Sea Angling Club, blowing in windows and leaving customers sheltering under tables.

Winds estimated between 80 and 120mph tracked north-east across the town centre, missing the fuel depot but shattering windows, ripping off slates and damaging cars in its path.

Power was cut off in the town centre and emergency services were called to numerous incidents.

Western Isles weatherman Richard Cooke writes: “It was some three years before Western Isles Weather was born and I didn’t find out the true extent of that night’s events till the next day.

"Now my weather page would light up like a Christmas tree with people reporting what had happened. 

“Some reports suggest that the tornado dissipated along Sand Street after doing damage on Perceval Road. However, some accounts report it crossing Broad Bay and doing damage in Tong.”

You can read the full blog account at https://westernislesweather.wordpress.com/2019/07/28/july-28th-2009-stornoway-tornado