After a break of several years, the Merseyside-based calendar and guide scammers are calling Western Isles businesses again.

The technique involves claiming that the business being called has already agreed to take part in a special calendar, poster or campaign.  The caller will claim that a conversation took place at some point earlier in the year.

The projects are generally in support of some victim-group - in this morning's case, it was victims of bullying.

A series of exposés have been done about these purported businesses by the like of Radio 4's You and Yours consumer programme.

But as soon as one version is closed down by consumer protection officials, another opens in different premises.  

Around ten years ago, EVENTS newspaper customers were embroiled in this scam as the companies used the details from on-line advertising on our old website to contact each business individually conveying the impression that they were working with EVENTS newspaper.  

The key thing for businesses being contacted in this way is to simply not engage with the caller at all - do not get embroiled in a debate about who did or did not speak to them.  Just say No!