It's time to create a new mainland consumer market for goose-meat to help with bird population control on the Islands and permit crofting to flourish.

That's the view of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, following the announcement that the sale of resident Greylag Goose meat from Orkney will be available for sale Scotland-wide.

CnES is calling for a rapid roll-out of the pilot project to other island areas and has also urged Scottish Ministers to find a permanent solution that will facilitate the effective management of the Greylag Goose population alongside an active and thriving crofting sector.

Chairman of the CnES Sustainable Development Committee, Councillor Donald Crichton, said: “The Comhairle has supported local goose management groups in the islands in the past, recognising the severe detrimental impact excessive numbers can have on crofting.

"Sale of goose-meat outwith the Islands has been argued for before and whist this is only a time-limited relaxation of the rules, it shows that it is possible. 

“As funding for Goose Management is being run down it is imperative that appropriate management schemes are developed; access to a Scotland-wide market for wild goose meat is one way of helping secure a future sustainable balance between active crofting and Greylag Geese population.”