The great island tradition of neighbours getting together to extract someone’s car from a roadside ditch acquired another episode to its long-running serial this week.

Clinton White is up the Isle of Lewis on holiday with his family and he went out for a drive around the island with his father-in-law James Mackenzie.  

“We drove from Back to the Callanish Stones, then into Carloway, then we drove down the road past Dun Carloway Broch.

“When at the loch at end of that road, I was paying attention to the right at a small loch, my car fell into a ditch on the roadside to the left, just above a wee burn.”

“There was no way of getting out, a young lady with her baby and pram saw us and after chatting, she headed away and came back with her mother and an SUV from their house at the top of the hill just above the loch.

“With help from them and my brother-in-law and his Mondeo who turned up after a phone call, they both managed after a couple of hours and two tow ropes, some rocks and fence posts to heave my Mondeo out of the ditch.”

This morning (Tuesday August 13th) Clinton – who is a Social Care Worker for Aberlour Child Care Trust – went round to see Mary Anne McLean and Jackie Mclean and handed over some wine and flowers with a card as a ‘Thank You’.

Clinton and his family have been up on the Island regularly over the last 40 years on holidays. They stay in Dunfermline, Fife. His wife Catriona and he were married on the island at Broadbay Guesthouse in 2008 and her family are from Garrabost.  Catriona went to Bayble school.