Highland dancers from Lewis and Harris were resting their feet today, after a busy and successful days yesterday (Saturday August 24th), with a dance festival and a cruise ship coinciding in a single day.

The Mackinnon Festival, hosted by Sharon Mackinnon School of Highland Dancing, saw dancers from across the Western Isles and from Skye, Gairloch, Stonehaven, Munlochy and Caithness competing for trophies.

Part of the festival saw the qualifiers for the 2020 Scottish area Highland Dance finals, with four dancers from Lewis and one from Harris winning a place to represent the Western Isles at the regional final in Oban in May.

Juvenile dancers Aimee Macleod, Mary Morrison and Ellie Macpherson, with junior dancer Keira Macdonald, are all from Lewis and all dance with the Sharon Mackinnon school.

They’ll be joined as they head off to Oban by Emma Peterson of Harris (Claire Wilson school) and Uist dancers Elissa Morrison and Tamzin Macleod of the Kerry Macdonald school.

Mackinnon dancers were also aboard the cruise ship Variety Voyager on Saturday for their last on-board dance of the season, entertaining passengers aboard the stylish mega-yacht at pier no 1.

Sharon Mackinnon celebrated the end of the visitor season, saying: “And that’s a wrap! Not only did we have our festival yesterday, but we had our last cruise ship of the 2019 Season. 

"The girls have been so busy entertaining all the tourists onboard over the last few months and have had a blast doing it. Well done everyone for such a great job.”

Pictures show the winning dancers who’ll be representing the Western Isles in Oban next year, and the dancers heading aboard Variety Voyager on Saturday, with Anegla Mackay, who has organised the season’s cruise visits (Sharon Mackinnon).