The first Point Beavers and Cubs will be outside this evening (Monday August 26th), building shelters among the trees at their first meeting of the new term.

The group of boys and girls, aged between six and 10, will be starting the season as troop leader Janet Ross-Jordan intends to go on – outside and dressed for the weather as often and as late in the year as possible.
Camping trips, shelter-building and other outdoor activities are part of the ethos of the Scouting movement, and Janet aims to make the best use of island resources. She’s issued a plea for donations of used but still good camping equipment – including tents, camping stoves and plastic or metal camping mugs for warming hot drinks.

Janet said: “We’re trying to stay outside for our meetings until October and need the bits and pieces that will allow us to enjoy the outdoors. They can be as basic as you like. If you have wellies or waterproofs that your child has grown out of, then we’ll also happily pass those on to any children without.

“Kids don’t notice the cold the way adults do – stick wellies and waterproofs on them and they’re quite able to have an amazing time, even though we may be shivering.

“One meeting we held last November in the Castle Grounds, and the weather was atrocious. Some of the parents cancelled but the kids who came rolled in puddles and had a great time under the shelter of the trees, going home as happy as Larry.”

Activities like these help children learn about being prepared, staying safe and being resilient – very much part of the Scouting philosophy. Janet said: “I see kids who are apprehensive, but when they find they can do it, it’s great for their confidence. One time we went on a two-night camping trip with a seven-year-old Beaver who was very nervous, but the second night she was diving into the tent with the other girls.

“It’s where kids learn what they can do, how to be prepared and develop resilience, and they also learn what their limits are within the bounds of safety, and the reasons for following rules.”

There are space in the 1st Point Beavers (ages six to eight) and Cubs (eight to 10) and you can contact Janet to make donations of camping equipment or outdoor clothing by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via her personal Facebook page at

The picture shows Beavers and Cubs building a cooking-pit during a meeting last year (Janet Ross-Jordan).