The following planning applications are pending consideration by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. 

All information and accompanying documents are publicly available on the CnES website

New major housing development, Newmarket

Hebridean Housing Partnership has applied for planning permission to build general needs housing and associated external works at Blackwater, Newmarket. Approximately 74 houses are to be built.

Borehole, Carloway

Aqua Hebrides has applied for retrospective planning permission to create a borehole for water abstraction for human consumption and a new vehicle access and turning head at Tigh A' Bhealaich, Knock, Carloway. 

Porch extension, Marybank

George Macleod of 15 Airidhean Ur, Marybank has applied for planning permission to extend the porch at 15 Airidhean Ur, Marybank. 

New agricultural building 

Ellie Halbert of Croit nan Sithe, Ardroil, has applied for planning permission to erect an agricultural building at 10A Ardroil, Uig. The building is to be 18.28 metres long, 9.144 metres wide, and 6.1 metres tall.  The materials to be used is box profile in green. 

Replacement sewer line

Planning permission has been requested to replace the sewer line at Cameron Terrace, Leurbost. 

Change of use of Common Grazings, Carloway

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has applied for planning permission to change the use of Common Grazings at Doune, Caroloway, to a car park and access for the disabled. Work will include creating a new access and one parking space. 

New house, Lochs

Ben Spittle of Brynhafod, Brynymor Road, Aberystwyth, has applied for planning permission to build a house at 9A Grimshader, Lochs. The house is to include one bedroom, one bathroom, a plant room and an open-plan kitchen, dining, living area. Work is also to include creating parking suitable for two cars.