Hebrides International Film Festival volunteer Sarah Maclean is looking forward to the event in Barra on the Friday and Saturday, September 13 and 14.

It is returning to the Castlebay Hall after being held in Northbay and Vatersay the previous two years – and preparations are under way for movie snacks with a difference, which will be sold in aid of charity.

Sarah said: “We’re looking forward to it. It’s always nice to have the film festival down here. This year we’ve got Café Kisimul, who will be making popcorn for charity. They are experimenting with different recipes, so we’re really looking forward to that.”

Some of the films being shown were funny, while others were thought-provoking, said Sarah.

“I think it’s a really good selection,” she added.

“I’m looking forward to Fisherman’s Friends [pictured above] and I hope all the kids are looking forward to Early Man because I think that will be really, really funny. I’m also looking forward to Storm Boy, Happy as Lazzaro and Soldiers Without Guns – I think that will be a good one.”

Sarah said it had been “really difficult” to choose the films for Barra and added: “We hope that the Barra people will enjoy them all”.

This is Sarah’s fourth year volunteering at the film festival and she noticed a dip in the audience numbers when it was moved out of Castlebay.

“The first year it was in Castlebay Hall and the turnout was quite good. The next two years we had it in Northbay and in Vatersay, so the turnout wasn’t as good. We’re really looking forward to it being back in Castlebay and hopefully lots of people will come and support it.”

Personally, Sarah said: “I really enjoy it. It’s great seeing the films. It’s a nice job to have.”

For more information on the festival visit: www.hebfilmfestival.org/hiff-2019   Tickets for the rural venues can be bought through the website by following the links to the Eventbrite marketplace