Laxdale School has become the first school in Lewis and Harris to be awarded SportScotland’s gold school sport award.

The award celebrates not just attainment of recognised levels of physical activity – including two hours a week of physical education, but other achievements such as opportunities to compete and chances for pupils to lead, coach and influence physical activity at their school.

Gold award schools must also have a sport committee led by pupils, which has led to innovations at Laxdale such as ‘no football Fridays’ and pupil-led physical activity with a warm-up, activity and cool-down.

The school heard news of their award on Thursday (26th September) and were quick to include it in the school blog, where activities including octopus, rounders and even toilet tag featured alongside more traditional sporting activities such as unihoc and football.

A schools spokesman said they were ‘absolutely over the moon’ at the news and added: “This was a huge focus project of the 2018/19 session, and without the support and input of our entire school community it would not have happened.”