Leverburgh RNLI station gave a good send-off to lifeboat operations manager Chris Ross this week, as he hung up his pager after seven years of involvement with the Harris station.

Chris volunteered in 2012 as the new RNLI station was being set up, serving for three years as DLA (deputy launch authority) and four years as lifeboat operations manager (LOM).

Chris is seldom more than a few yards from the Shannon Class lifeboat, the Stella and Humfrey Berkeley, since his ‘day job’ is running the iconic Butty Bus on the pier.

From the time the RNLI successfully established a station in Leverburgh, Chris became training coordinator – conducting navigation classes for the crew as the station was being established. Using his maritime skills, he was always on hand when the pager went off, ensuring the crew were ready and able to respond.

When John Maclean retired in 2015, Chris stepped up to be LOM and has overseen the launch of the lifeboat on 108 shouts since then. He oversaw the arrival of the new lifeboat in April 2018, ensuring a smooth transition.

Chair of the RNLI LIverburgh branch Neil Campbell said: “Chris’s dedication to being part of saving lives is a real inspiration and he should be proud of his achievements at Leverburgh.”

Jill Hepburn, area lifesaving manager, added: “On behalf of the RNLI, I would like to thank Chris for the effort and commitment he has made as the volunteer lifeboat operations manager at Leverburgh. Chris has witnessed the trial, arrival and placing on service of the Mersey Class Lifeboat and the later arrival of the Shannon, of which he should take great pride in the success of the roll out. I would like to wish Chris all the best with future endeavours.”

Pictures show Chris Ross at the Butty Bus and the full RNLI Leverburgh crew on the Stella and Humfrey Berkeley (RNLI Leverburgh)