Residents at the student accommodation at Stornoway’s Bayhead Bridge Centre were reportedly taunted and intimidated by children throwing stones and fireworks on Saturday night (October 26th).

Staff at the residence said that up to 25 children were caught on CCTV cameras among the trees, running down to the bridge, lighting fireworks and throwing them at the building.

Posting on social media on Sunday, a staff member said: “Fireworks and stones were thrown at the windows of the accommodation from 6.30 - 9pm. At one time the students looked out the windows only for the kids to shout and swear at them, then light more fireworks and throw them at their windows.”

The incident reportedly left residents ‘shaken and confused’, while those living in housing nearby were also concerned about the noise over a long period. One local resident said: “I hope the police track down all 25 kids and give them a severe telling-off, or the police go to the Nicolson Institute to find these kids this week.”

Police were called at the time of the incident but, according to staff, did not attend.

The staff member concluded: “How can these kids afford not only their carry outs but also a three-hour firework display? I feel very let down by both the police and the kids involved. Shame on you all.”

A statement from Police Scotland said: "Police were called to Bayhead Bridge Centre Accommodation, following reports of a firework related disturbance at the property on Saturday 26 October 2019. Due to prioritising demands and available resources at the time, police attended later in the evening, however, there was no trace on arrival.

"Enquiries are continuing into the incident and a number of other reports of youths setting off fireworks in the area.

"Anyone with any information in relation to this incident can contact Police Scotland on 101 quoting incident number 3711 of Saturday 26 October 2019."

(This story has been updated to include the police comment above).