The number 13 might be unlucky for some, but not HI-Scot credit union which is celebrating 13 years of serving their members across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

From humble beginnings as an idea conceived by hard-working volunteers determined to bring an ethical, community-minded option for saving and borrowing to the islands, Western Isles credit union (HI-Scot's original incarnation) opened its doors in 2006.

“HI-Scot has continued to grow, year on year, since 2006,” said General Manager, David Mackay, “In 2011 we expanded to Highland region and the Orkney and Shetland Islands and now have over 3000 members.”

With almost £4 million held on deposit, HI-Scot members are certainly seeing the benefits of saving regularly through the credit union. Many members use payroll deduction, an easy way to save every week or month, and a service offered by many employers, including Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and NHS Western Isles.

Members also benefit from a range of loan products, meaning that a new car, washing machine or kitchen can become an affordable reality. Over the past thirteen years, HI-Scot have approved over £9.5 million in loans and, with a process which considers each application individually, tailor member's borrowing to their personal circumstances. There's no “Computer says no” with HI-Scot!

“As people start to look for more ethical ways of banking, credit unions offer their members something that High Street banks cannot,” David Mackay said, “HI-Scot is owned entirely by its members and so operates with their interests at heart.”

HI-Scot is based in James Street, Stornoway, but the credit union is accessible in all areas of the Highlands and Islands thanks to online services and local Access Points. More information can be found on HI-Scot's website:

“It's been a great thirteen years and the credit union is thriving.” David added, “All of us at HI-Scot look forward to many more years supporting our members across the Highlands and Islands to save, borrow and plan for tomorrow.”