The Western Isles Conservative and Unionist Association has announced Jennifer Ross to be their candidate in the forthcoming General election on Thursdsay December 12th.

Mrs Ross was born and bred in the Highlands of Scotland.  Growing up in a small village about 20 miles from Inverness and from a small close-knit community, she is well aware of the challenges that face rural populations .

Jennifer has been in senior management at director level for over ten years, having worked in the rural tourism industry, marketing and education. She is also an internet entrepreneur, having set up two very successful businesses.

“I have worked with businesses all over Scotland on their development, from urban and online, to rural and ‘one-man-band’ companies. I will be a business-focussed MP with a precise aim to help larger industries and smaller family firms to reach their potential.”

As a strong supporter of the ‘Leave’ campaign in the EU referendum, Jennifer said “The fishing industry here has been absolutely hammered by EU regulations and restrictions in the Western Isles.  I will fight to make sure that funding is increased for this vital part of the island’s economy.”

Jennifer is the only candidate standing in this election that pledges to enact the result of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU. “Every other candidate is offering a second referendum or to revoke Brexit.

"The Western Isles was one of the highest Leave-voting areas in Scotland. I will represent their vote in Parliament. I pledge to respect democracy and get Brexit done.”