Festive creativity is being tested to the limit this week as households prepare their decorations and menus for Christmas day.

But one Edinburgh baker has beaten the rest by creating a historically accurate model of Carloway Broch – entirely made of gingerbread!

Jennifer Stuart has created her ‘Gingerbroch House’ as part of a long-running contest with a friend, with each of them battling to design the ultimate gingerbread construction at Christmas.

In previous years admin-worker Jennifer has created a lighthouse and a Norwegian church, but a trip to Lewis last year gave her new inspiration, and her model of Dun Carloway has been acclaimed by archaeologists with an eye for detail.

Jennifer told weslovestornoway.com: “We were in Lewis in September 2018, staying in a very fine air-B&B shed with a tiny wood-burning stove near Borve.

"We were lucky enough to visit the broch at Carloway on a glorious day and it was absolutely gorgeous, so when it came to this year’s challenge I decided to model that.”

The gingerbread recipe is Jennifer’s own, made without eggs so that it lasts longer, but destined to be reduced to rubble soon after Christmas.

Jennifer said: “When it gets to Boxing Day and we’re all slumped on the sofa, we’ll start pulling bits off and dipping them in coffee.”

And she already has plans for a return to Lewis. “I’d love to come back and do a model of the Callanish Stones in gingerbread for next Christmas. I’ve already had one request for that!”

Jennifer is pictured with her model of Carloway Broch at her home in Edinburgh.