A charity fundraising football match on January 11th was planned as one man’s response to his own experience of mental health crisis, in the hope that he can help provide support for others.

Organiser Steven Williams said: “For close to two years I suffered from mental health issues, mainly depression. I was often asked what triggered it and it is a question I have no answer for.

“For me, during the depression, you block a lot of reality out and paranoia sets in. Every day is a struggle to get motivated and even just get out of bed. I walked around with a fake smile on, but nobody really knew what was going on underneath. I went through cycles in my head of different thoughts that weren't true.

“So, now that I am in a better place than I was, I'd like to try and raise awareness and funds in order to support organisations that try to help people with mental health issues. It is important to show people that you aren't alone.

“I have chosen Penumbra (Western Isles) and the work they do in Catch-23. I believe they will help a lot more people than just me. Mental health is a major issue and I want to do my bit to raise awareness and funds. I really hope to see as many of you there as possible at some point through the day.”

Steven’s 7-a-side football match in aid of Penumbra kicks off at 12 noon on Saturday January 11th at the all-weather pitch in Stornoway.

Later there will be a barbecue and evening function at the Rangers Club, with live music from Spanish and his new band Kildasonic from 9.30pm.

As Steven says, it would be good to see as many people coming along as possible. One of the most important messages of the occasion is that you are never alone, there’s always someone ready to help.