The Lewis and Harris Piping Society extend a warm welcome to all those who have an interest in piping to come and listen to Sarah Muir in the Caladh Hotel on Saturday, February 29 at 7.30pm.

Sarah is the third piper to play an evening recital, and give a daytime workshop, in Stornoway this winter as part of a new programme organised by the Piping Society. Tickets are available on the door.

Sarah was born in Campbeltown, a part of the country that has produced many distinguished pipers over the years but today she lives in Glasgow and teaches piping in Fife schools.

She herself is taught by the well-known piper Willie McCallum and she has been doing very well in the professional competitions over the past year or two.

She won the prize for Ceol Mòr at the Portree Games last year and this qualifies her for an invitation to the Pipe Major Donald Macleod Memorial Piping Competition in April. She is the first lady to play at that competition.

Dr John Smith, chairman of the Lewis and Harris Piping Society, said: “Although a lot of girls learn to play the pipes in school, very few of them continue once they have left school. But it’s good to see that more and more of them are taking advantage of various courses available such as those run by the Conservatoire in Glasgow and that brings them up to the level where they can play with the best pipers in the country. 

“The Lewis and Harris Piping Society used to run a series of recitals over the winter when they invited some of the best pipers in the country to come and play for them but sadly that lapsed a few years ago. We are very pleased that we have been able to resurrect a programme of recitals. 

“Although many pipe tunes can be heard on CDs and iTunes, there is nothing quite like watching and listening to the great Highland pipe being played live in front of an audience. Come out and listen to her.”