A Mass Unwrap is planned in Stornoway for Wednesday (26 February) to highlight damaging levels of surplus plastic used to package food.

And the event is being welcomed by management at the store where it is to take place.

Clean Coast Outer Hebrides and Surfers Against Sewage are running the event at Stornoway’s Macaulay Road Co-op superstore between 2 and 4pm.

The idea is that shoppers do all their normal shopping, then take the time to stop and unwrap all the surplus packaging from their food, which is instead carried home in their own bags, boxes and re-useable containers.

The surplus packaging is loaded into trollies and given back to the store, who take it away to recycle or otherwise dispose of it.

Co-op Superstore manager Steven Cooper said he welcomed the demonstration of people-power in his store and especially people’s support for the environment.

He said: “I’ve got no issues with this at all, because it’s helping the environment. It’s really important that we should do all we can for the planet.

“We already encourage people to bring their own containers for the delicatessen counter and the Co-op has said that, by the middle of this year, all own-brand products will be packaged in recyclable plastic. We are also stopping the use of plastic carrier bags and will only offer compostable bags at the cash tills.

“If people bring plastic wrapping back to us we will send it back to the depot, we have no problem at all with that.”

Organisers of Wednesday’s Mass Unwrap said: “Mass Unwrap is an awesome action that highlights the level of plastic packaging in supermarkets and puts people-pressure on them to change. Individuals, families, friends and communities can all take part. It’s friendly, non-confrontational and tons of fun!”

The Mass Unwrap at Macaulay Road Co-op is on Wednesday 26 September from 2-4pm. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/events/873094989787065/