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A total of 130 years of voluntary service to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was celebrated recently at Stornoway RNLI as six members were awarded RNLI Long Service Badges.

Stornoway RNLI Coxswain DI Murray, along with volunteer crew members Tony Morrison, Kenny Macarthur, Norman Smith, and Donnie Mackinnon, were all presented with RNLI 20-Year Long Service Badges by Stornoway RNLI Branch Chair, John J Maclennan.

Mr Maclennan also presented Stornoway RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager (LOM) John Macdonald with his RNLI 30-Year Long Service Badge.

Speaking of the crew service award presentations, John Macdonald said: “This is an amazing achievement and it is down to their commitment and dedication to both the service and the Stornoway station itself.”

John J Maclennan added that it was a privilege to present the Long Service Badges, and said: “There is no abiding success without commitment and dedication, and without that commitment and dedication the lifeboat won’t launch – it is the glue that holds the fabric together.

“There is a great tradition in Stornoway Lifeboat of crew coming down through the generations; that continuity and experience being handed down, and the ongoing commitment of crew even after 20 years, it is something as a station we can all be proud of.”

Donnie Mackinnon & John J Maclennan

Norman Smith & John J Maclennan

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP David Stewart has called on Parliament to congratulate the six members of the Stornoway RNLI crew for their outstanding commitment and dedication to their community.

Mr Stewart said “For a long time volunteers in the Highlands and Islands have given their hearts and souls to ensure that their communities are safe and thriving. The commitment of RNLI crews, who risk their lives on almost every call, is staggering and the recognition of these men is exceptionally well deserved.”

Mr Stewart submitted a parliamentary motion asking Holyrood to commend the RNLI crew for their service and to acknowledge the vital work done by all RNLI volunteers.

Mr Stewart continued: “The provision of lifeboat services is one of the most vital service roles for our coastal communities and that it is all done by volunteers is inspiring. Congratulations to the crew members that have given so much to the West Coast, and thank you for your continued dedication.”

John J Maclennan & Coxswain DI Murray

John J Maclennan & Tony Morrison

The Sccottish Parliament reference has been added since the article was first published