A Benbecula designer and her business partner's designs have made it all the way to London.

Ciorstaidh Monk, a native Gaelic speaker from Benbecula, and Ruth Mitchell run luxury sleepwear company, Solàs. The pair were chosen by online banking app, Tide, to appear in a tube advert.

Ciorstaidh explained: "Our small business bank, Tide has been really supportive. They came up to Glasgow last year and interviewed us for their Member Spotlight blog, and threw opportunities our way whenever they could.

"They asked if they could feature us in their London Underground campaign, and we said yes - not realising how much attention it would get!

"We were in 48 stations throughout the London rail network. We received daily messages from friends who would spot us on their morning commute and got a lot of interest from the general public.

"Winter months can be slow for a small business and this gave us a much needed boost!"

The pair say they are inspired by their Scottish backgrounds, especially Benbecula machair.  They met while studying textiles in college and, after going their separate ways, merged their skills to create Solàs.