A new challenge is to be launched on Monday (4 May) aimed at getting movement, social contact and motivation into lockdown life.

Volunteering Hebrides has launched the Paths for All ‘Step it Up’ challenge as part of the Embark programme, designed to keep people moving.

Teams of five workmates, whether separated by lockdown or not, are being asked to make movement count by walking, cycling, dancing or doing whatever movement will add on steps.

A spokesman for the Volunteering Hebrides Embark project said: “We want to keep people connected and keep them moving, perhaps while they are furloughed or isolated due to Coronavirus. It will give people more opportunities to get talking to each other – by text, phone or face-to-face – at the same time as totting up their total steps through the month of May.”

Every work team of five to register at https://www.stepcount.org.uk will be entered into a local prize draw to win a cash prize of £100 – which they can donate if they wish or share between them.

The prize is not dependent on how many steps you’re counted, just on taking part, so get with your colleagues and get stepping!

More information also comes from https://www.facebook.com/VolunteeringHebrides/