People struggling to make ends meet as jobs, businesses and income are hit by the Coronavirus crisis are getting welcome offers of shopping help.

Every needy resident of the Cearns is to get a boost from today (Monday 11 May) as £30 vouchers drop through letterboxes in the scheme.

The Cearns Community Association is delivering the vouchers to residents who meet specific criteria. Each voucher is worth £30 and can be spent in the Cearns shop on any product except tobacco products.

Barney Mackay, speaking for the community association this morning, said: “In a continuing effort to help in these difficult times the Cearns Community Association are from today introducing a one-off voucher scheme worth £30 for residents who meet agreed criteria.

“We will today be delivering 70% of these vouchers through letter boxes in the Cearns, as we try to reach those most in need. However, if you did not receive a voucher today, please visit the Cearns Shop and ask about the voucher scheme, where the staff are happy to advise.”

The Cearns scheme is one of several shopping voucher offers, some made by individuals, to support people struggling to buy basics in an uncertain time for employment and income.

In Tong, one individual has made a private offer of £25 Tesco or Co-op vouchers to anyone who needs them to buy food or household essentials.

Galson Estate Trust last week (Thursday 7 May) announced the launch of the Beagan Taic fund, a collaboration with a local church to support any resident of the Galson Estate in severe financial hardship.

Shopping vouchers will be among the help available from them, to Galson residents who ring 850393 to find out more about the new support fund.

The voucher schemes come in addition to numerous local support initiatives (as reported here with schemes offering meals, shopping deliveries and free groceries in districts around Lewis.

(This story has been considerably extended since first being published)