Many smokers may not be aware that as of midnight last night, May 20th 2020, the sale of menthol-flavoured tobacco products was prohibited across the European Union.

This legislation will remain in place in the UK even after it exits the EU at the end of the year; this is because it was agreed back in 2016.

Evidence indicates that menthol increases the uptake of smoking in some of our young people. This is backed by a survey carried out in 2018 that found that one in eight 15-year-olds are smoking regularly.

Sheila Duffy, the chief executive of charity ASH Scotland, believes the new move will help to lower the number of youngsters who smoke.

She said: “This is a welcome measure as evidence suggests that menthol cigarettes – which mask some of the harsh effects of smoking – are particularly appealing to young people and can even reduce the likelihood of quitting. We hope this will help drive down youth smoking rates in Scotland where 12% of 15 year olds and 4% of 13 year olds are smoking either regularly or occasionally.”

Further information on this can found at the ASH Scotland website:
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So if you or someone you know is a regular user of Menthol flavoured tobacco products, and is anxious about this ban, please call us for more information and support.

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