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The following planning applications are pending consideration by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. 

All information and accompanying documents are publicly available on the CnES website

Replacement of antenna, Locheport

EE Ltd has applied for planning permission to swap out the existing antenna on the structure together with the addition of 6 additional feeders linking the antenna to the equipment cabinet at ground level at ESN Mast, Locheport.

Two new poles, Grimsay

SSE Networks has applied for planning permission to erect two new poles at Cean a Bhaigh-traight on Grimsay North Uist. This is part of a wider reinforcement to the network which includes: the upgrading of Eurnbank Grimsay 11kV spur from single phase 25mm to 38mm three phase from pole 94 main line to P9; additional 2 span to be erected across boggy ground to allow cable to be connected to spur to create ring network with Loch Fada; the upgrade of 11kV line from single phase 25mm to 38mm three phase from Pole 8 Baymore spur to P7 on Loch Fada 11kV spur; the moving of Loch Fada tfr pole to be back out of garden; cable termination on pole 6; installation of 11kV cable interconnector from Loch Fada to Eurnbank Grimsay; replacement of 11kV cable at Carinish Inn.