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Calling all local businesses – the NHS Western Isles Donations Group is asking all local businesses throughout the Outer Hebrides to sign up to a NHS Staff Voucher Scheme, to enable its staff to purchase items from their businesses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic NHS Western Isles has received many generous cash donations from local and national organisations, including a £40,000 donation from Point and Sandwick Trust and a £39,000 donation from the NHS National Charities Together. This has allowed us to provide a number of comfort items to frontline staff and patients including toiletries, electrical goods and comfortable seats for break areas.

A questionnaire was distributed to staff seeking their views on how to spend the monies. Following feedback it has been decided that a portion will be used to give all NHS Western Isles staff a £20 voucher, to be redeemed at any local business that supplies approved goods or services and has signed up to the scheme. Staff feedback showed they are keen that as much of the money as possible is spent supporting local businesses. The vouchers, which will be distributed to staff and retailers/businesses who sign up, will then be reimbursed by NHS Western Isles.

The Donations Group are asking businesses to get in touch and sign-up to the scheme. Any staff member who has a preferred business they would like to use their voucher with, can ask the business to get in touch so they can be added to our approved supplier list.

If you are based within the Outer Hebrides and would like to be included in the scheme, please email the Donations Group at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. The scheme is open to all goods and services, with the exception of items such as alcohol, tobacco products and any prohibited goods. Further details can be provided by email.

The Donations Group would like to thank everyone who has donated to NHS Western Isles staff. "The generosity and kindness of our community has been overwhelming."