Residents of the Parkend, Holm and Mackenzie estate area have been offered new support in hard times, as the Corra Foundation’s community wellbeing fund provides food vouchers for vulnerable people

The grant announced today (Wednesday 17 June) by Parkend, Holm and Mackenzie Estate residents association (PHAME) means that £25 food vouchers will be made available to individuals and families over the next few months.

Councillor Charlie Nicolson said: “We wish to thank the Corra Foundation for this wonderful support for vulnerable individuals and families in our area.

"It adds to the support that the association committee is already giving, with other agencies, community groups and businesses working together and helping the area of Parkend, Holm and Mackenzie Estate in these very challenging times.”

The £25 vouchers will be given in response to requests, which will be treated in the utmost confidence, to any of the following: PHAME chair Roddie Mackenzie 07876 374995,  Donnie ‘Uig’ Smith, treasurer, 07867 861098 and Cllr Charlie Nicolson 01851 703325 or any committee member or area volunteer.