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A toddler and an elderly Shetland pony have proved themselves a dynamic duo when it comes to fundraising.

Two-year-old Pheobe Morrison of Shulishader and her 30-year-old pony Pepsi not only managed their epic five-mile ride in the sunshine on Saturday (27 June), they even doubled their fundraising target.

Over £1,000 has been raised for the Salvation Army’s Stornoway food bank and baby bank, which have helped Pheobe’s family as well as many others during a tough time for families.

The pair had been in practice for weeks to make the trek from Pepsi’s grazing in Aird to a fresh field in Knock, helped by a support team including mum Kayleigh Jacques and dad Ewen Morrison, big cousins Lacey and Myah and granny and grandad Tracy and Steve Jacques.

Five miles was further than Pepsi had ever walked or Pheobe had ever been on horseback, but they managed their feat in almost exactly three hours, with a couple of refreshment breaks for lollies and carrots in the sweltering heat.

Mum Kayleigh said: “We had so much support along the way, with people coming out of their houses to make donations and some people even driving out to find us so they could donate. A lot of people said they had seen Pheobe’s story on We Love Stornoway, so we’re really grateful.”

Lt Callum Newton of Stornoway Salvation Army said: “We have never had anyone do anything like this for us before. She has done amazingly well and we're so grateful for her efforts at a time of great need in our community.”

Pictures show Pheobe and Pepsi on the road with their collecting tin, reaching the end of the road and taking the last donation from grandad Steve as the support team look on.