The occasionally generous Atlantic Ocean has delivered a gift to Isles MP Angus MacNeil that any parliamentarian would be delighted to receive – a guaranteed seat for life.

The Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP has claimed as ‘Torradh a chuain’ (the harvest/gift/bounty of the sea) a plank of wood, measuring more than 10ft long and found on the shore at Tangasdale on Wednesday (8 July).

In a coastal tradition dating back many centuries, the impressive slab has immediately been repurposed for a new and useful life.

Angus Brendan said: “Today the wild Atlantic giveth – 10ft by 10inch by 5inch, maybe a Canadian railway sleeper – but now a Hebridean bench for decades to come.”

There have been reports of similar slices of lumber coming ashore on the west coast of Scotland, so there could be more to come for beachcombers in Barra and elsewhere.

But while some have conjectured the find will make a welcome seat for any Prime Minister or First Minister who might wish to visit Barra, Angus has not yet revealed whether it’s been positioned as a front bench, a back bench or even a cross bench.

The pictures show Angus MacNeil taking his seat on the beach-find outside his home