The 10th August marks one year since Michelle Macleod survived a cardiac arrest, after competing in the Harris Marathon. 

Being Michelle, she's not planning to celebrate sitting down, she's only covering 250km to raise funds for a new defibrillator.

Lifesaving charity Lucky2BHere say: "Let's show her our support:  "

It was back at the North Lewis 5k and 10k run on Saturday November 30th last year, with over 300 runners taking part over the two distances and the fun run, that the biggest cheer of the day went to Michelle, who crossed the finishing line hand-in-hand with dad Tony Robson and daughter Bethany. 

Michelle, a journalist and PR advisor, was the casualty at the Harris marathon in August, when she collapsed with a cardiac arrest at Leverburgh. She received emergency treatment at the scene from her GP sister Rebecca and other first responders, before being flown away to hospital in Glasgow.

After 12 weeks in hospital and essential surgery, she returned to Lewis and began campaigning actively on behalf of the charity Lucky2BHere, who supplied the AED (defibrillator) which was used to help save her life as rescuers battled to stabilise her at Leverburgh.

She’s now been fitted with a personal defibrillator and is back with her family, all of whom are committed to regular exercise.  Michelle said: “I don’t think I’ll be running any marathons any time soon, but I’m feeling great and I’m so thankful for everyone who helped me on that day.”

And she received a great welcome from onlookers in North Lewis, many of whom know her story and are full of admiration for her achievement, as her sister Geraldine said, “from coma to 5k in 16 weeks.”

Now she says: "I've been working on a 250km run/walk challenge over the last few months to raise funds for Lucky2BHere to install another defibrillator in Stornoway.

"I've been tracking my walks and journey back to running on Strava and Runkeeper and it's amazing how the miles have clocked up.

"So far (July 9) I have done 227km in 51 runs and walks.

"I want to complete my challenge before August 10th which will be the one year anniversary of my Sudden Cardiac Arrest after taking part in the Harris Marathon last year.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the fast response of those there that day and the availability of a defibrillator.

"Wish me luck and any donations are very much appreciated! "