The number of people cycling in Stornoway will become a mystery again…with the imminent removal of the monolith-like device which counts them on Bayhead.   

The automatic cycle counter which also tells the time and measures ambient temperatures, was installed two years ago, is set to be removed following the completion of a study by walking and cycling charity Sustrans into cyclist numbers in the area.

The counter was one of 14 across Scotland and was part of a pilot to promote cycling and collect data on cycling numbers.

Recent data from the counter found that on average nine cyclists per day passed it, with the busiest month of the year being July, with 549 cyclists passing the counter in 2019.

The busiest day on record that year saw 41 cyclists passing the counter on the 20th of July. 

When comparing the average number of cyclists per day from January until June 2020 (3 cyclists per day) with the same period in 2019 (11 cyclists per day), there were on average 8 less cyclists per day.  However, this drop in the number of cyclists may be due to a reduction in movement due to lockdown restrictions as an impact of Covid19.

Sustrans Scotland Partnerships Manager Nadia Freeman said: “We want to thank residents on Lewis for their help and support with our survey.

“Cycle counters help us monitor levels of cycling in areas across Scotland, and have been vital in shaping the decisions for our programme.”

The counter is set for removal around 27th of July.