Residents of Barra fear the national trend of ‘dirty camping’ could have been brought to their island, after incidents of anti-social littering were reported last week.

The community newsletter Guth Bharraidh said that Police Scotland were following up complaints about litter being disposed of on beaches surrounding Barra.

They said: “There have been a number of beach parties of recent weeks and the attendees are failing to remove their rubbish from the island’s beaches, examples of which are disposable BBQ’s, alcohol containers, food waste etc.

“These items pose a serious threat to the animals and wildlife of the islands causing harm and distress when ingested and are also a potential health hazard for islanders and visitors alike.”

Although many responders on social media proposed the likelihood that partying teenagers from the local area could have been responsible, the reports are fuelling current debate on the resumption of tourism in island communities.

One airport staff member reported: “To the family that dumped a used disposable nappy filled with excrement along with a quantity of wipes similarly contaminated in the middle of the airport car park yesterday, you were observed.

“There was a bin seven metres from your location, yet you couldn't be bothered. If you cannot respect the environment here, you are not welcome.”

Police Scotland tweeted about the issue on Thursday (23 July), saying: “It is clear some well-meaning visitors have not realised the environmental impact of their visits.”

The picture is from Police Scotland.