The UK government has recklessly declined the opportunity to extend the transition period and we now face leaving the EU with no deal or deals struck in desperation – not a negotiating position that inspires confidence.

That's view of Patrick Krause, chief executive of the Scottish Crofting Federation.

And he warns that the impact of the pandemic has left our economy in a very fragile state to cope with a new trading regime foisted upon us by a centralised government.

"The Scottish Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs, Michael Russell MSP, had to write to Michael Gove MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, outlining grave concerns regarding Mr Gove’s intention to enshrine in law the concept of ‘UK internal market’, which would in effect, take away some of Scotland’s devolved powers.

"The gist of it is for an unelected body to be formed that would scrutinise legislation put before the Scottish Parliament and could halt it if it deemed the legislation would impact on the ‘UK internal market’. This has potential for dire consequences in all fields, but our concern is food.

"UK government has made it clear, by not taking forward an amendment to the Agriculture Bill, that it is prepared to lower food standards should trade negotiations require it. Think USA, amongst other countries that we may trade with, that do not have the high standards we embraced being part of the EU. Indeed, UK has been a leader in developing high standards in food quality and traceability, environment and animal welfare, standards that Scotland as a devolved nation has exemplified.

"As the end of the transition to being fully out of the EU approaches, Scotland’s high standards are something that we can trade on, both globally and within the UK market.

"If, however, this ‘police’ body deems Scottish high standards not compliant with lower standards adopted by the UK government, we could see our food, environment and animal welfare standards having to fall.

"Rather be it that Scotland maintains its devolved powers to enhance standards, to keep what we feel proud of for ourselves and that we can sell on and attract visitors for," he says.