Ferry operator CalMac has scored more than 9/10 in average satisfaction ratings from customers dealing with the company through the Covid crisis. 

 CalMac's 47 strong Customer Service Team processed nearly 30,000 refunds, actioned 12,000 emails and answered 11,000 social media enquiries over March, April and May. 

Independent research agency 56 Degree Insight helped CalMac gather information from more than 7,000 customers who contacted the company during the current crisis.

The customer service team at the call centre, in ports and on vessels scored 9.2 for ease of email interaction, 9.1 for online refunds, 8.9 for website contacts and 9.1 for telephone responses. More than 99% of refunds were processed within 21 working days. 

CalMac’s commercial director Diane Burke said: “The results of this survey reinforce the professionalism of our staff. They have worked tirelessly through this crisis to keep customers informed and to manage their booking through what has been a very difficult period for everyone.”

Since CalMac opened up for bookings again, social media messages to the team are up 96% on the same period last year, emails are up 20% and phone enquiries up 9%.  

Diane said: “The demand we are seeing from the public to come back and travel with us to our beautiful islands is in no small part down to the way our whole team has dealt with our customers throughout this period of disruption.

“Our Covid response has also gathered lots of positive comments on social media, which resulted in a video issued to staff, making them aware of what customers were saying.”

You can view the video of thanks to CalMac staff here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWq8zsnXvMw