The first stormy images to be shown by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s new road monitoring camera on the Bràighe have gone live today (Tuesday 22 September).

Already nicknamed ‘Bràighe-cam’, the camera joins Barvas-cam and Clisham-cam to help drivers view road conditions before making their decision to travel at times of severe weather.

Today’s images are captured at 10-minute intervals and delayed by a further 10 minutes before they reach the public, although it’s hoped that this time-lag will be reduced to one-minute updates in the future.

They are available to view on the Comhairle website at

A statement this morning from CnES said: “The roadside camera station will provide the travelling public, emergency services and decision makers with more visual information. This will allow them to make better informed decisions on safe travel along the Bràighe in winter months, during periods of high tide and stormy weather.”

As well as generating images, which include limited night-time vision via an infra-red camera, the monitoring station can measure wind speed and direction.

The Met Office is today forecasting south-south-westerly wind gusts up to 40mph, with sustained wind speeds this morning up to 23mph.

Pictures show the Bràighe-cam monitoring station and images generated around 10.45am today.