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Catalogue 29: September 2020

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  1. Gaelic Names of Beasts (Mammalia), Birds, Fishes Insects, Reptiles, Etc. In Two Parts. 1. Gaelic -English -11. English -Gaelic. Part 1. Contains Gaelic Names or Terms for each of the above with English Meanings. Part II Contains all the English Names for which Gaelic is given in Part I, with Gaelic, Other English Names, Etymology, Celtic Lore, Prose, Poetry and Proverbs referring to each thereto attached. All now brought together for the first time by Alexander Robert Forbes Edinburgh (Formerly of Sleat, Skye). H.B. Published in 1905. 424 Pages. £65
  2. The Macleods Their History and Traditions by The Rev Canon R.C. Macleod of Macleod. H.B. Published in 1945. 169 Pages. £65
  3. Life of Robert Burns by John Stuart Blackie. H.B. Published in 1888. Six Chapters and Includes and Index and a Glossary. 183 Pages. £25
  4. Sword and Seed Basket. Passages in the Life of a Non Commissioned Officer by the Rev C.A. Mackenzie. H.B. Published in 1897. 15 Chapters, which includes Illustrations. 187 Pages. £30
  5. Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia. Edited by Helen Creighton and Calum Macleod. With a new preface by Helen Creighton. P.B. Originally Published in 1964, this reprint is from 1979. 93 Songs with English Translations. 296 Pages which Includes a bibliography and Index. £25
  6. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol I April 1926. Contents: A Pre Dalriadic Description of Argyll, Aber and Inver in Scotland, Unpublished Gaelic Poetry, Etymological Notes, The Language of the Fernaig Manuscripts, Ceann Ordaig, The River name “Tweed”. Review of Books. 112 Pages. Back cover has a tear. £20
  7. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol II February 1928. Contents: The Life of St Columba, The Question of the Picts, Unpublished Gaelic Poetry, The Dumnoqueni Inscription at Yarrow and the Lociti Inscription at Whithorn, Some Terms of Old Scots Law. 238 Pages. £20
  8. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol V September 1942. Contents: A Hiberno-Scottish Family, Geilt, The Mounth Roads, Varia, Some Thoughts on the Celtic Church in Scotland,Some Notes on the Dialect of Barra, The Late Francis C. Diack, The Late Prof J. Carmichael Watson. Book Reviews. 198 Pages. £20
  9.   Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol VII August 1953. Contents: The Scotic Curach, The Lost Literature of Celtic Scotland, Emblems of the Gael, Dr Stuart and the “Gilleserfs” of Clackmannan, Lexicopraphical Notes, Modern Scottish Gaelic Poetry, The Persistence of Gaelic in Galloway and Carrick. 208 Pages. £20
  10. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol IX March 1962. Contents: McLagan Manuscript, The Royal Payment of Mackay’s Regiment, The Royal Irish Academy Text of Birlinn Chlann Raghnaill, On the Frequency of Norse Loanwords in Scottish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic A Scandinavian Loan, Strathavon in Banffshire, Notes on some Noun initial Mutations in a Dialect of Scottish Gaelic, The Rev John Mackay’s Gaelic Sermons, Book Reviews. 215 Pages. £20
  11. Scottish Gaelic Studies. Vol XIII Autumn 1978. Contents: Notes on Hamish Robertson’s Studies in Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica, The Gaelic Poems of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, Poems by Maol Domhnaigh O’ muirgheasain, A Sixteenth Century Gaelic Letter, On Preposed Adverbials, Inter Dialectal Variations as an Area of Gaelic Linguistic Research, The Preservation of the Vocative in a dying Gaelic Dialect, Some Notes on An Aigeannaich, Chr Matras Studies on the Gaelic element in Faroese, An Irish manuscript in Scotland, Varia. Book Reviews. 143 Pages. £15
  12. Scottish Gaelic Studies. Vol XIV Winter 1983. Contents: Deirdire and Alexander Carmichael’s treatment of oral sources, Old Gaelic Poems from Aberdeenshire, The Gaelic Poems of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy (III) Gaelic Manuscripts in the Colin Campbell Collection, Loan words and initial mutations in a Gaelic dialect, East Sutherland’s Gaelic Dialect affinities: some new material. Book reviews. 142 Pages. £12
  13. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol XIV Winter 1986. Contents: The Gaelic Academy, Oran Bron er Dearn Graunt. An early nineteenth century Skye song, The Sounds of Easter Ross Gaelic, Synthetic and Analytic; some comments on the Irish/Gaelic present/future, A Population Observed: Gaelic speakers in Rothesay and the Isle of Bute in 1834, Kirk Egerton’s Glossary, Some Anomalies in the Gaelic Dialects of Scotland and Canada, Scottish Gaelic Morair, Varia, Book Reviews. 160 Pages. £12
  14. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol XV Spring 1988.Contents: The Atlas of Gaelic Dialects, On representation of Scottish Gaelic dialect phonetics, The Phonology of a Perthshire Idiolect, The Gaelic Noun, The vagaries of Scottish Gaelic Fathamas, An Irish Manuscript in Edinburgh University Library, The Gaelic Academy, Scotticisms in a manuscript in 1467, Robert Kirk’s Lament for his wife, Elech and the Scots in Strathclyde, Varia, Some further notes on C’ait an caidil an nighneag an nochd, Book Reviews. 164 Pages. £12
  15. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol XVII Special Volume. Feill Sgribhinn do Ruairidh MacThomais. Contents: Dedication, List of Professor Thomson’s Publications, 38 different papers on a wide variety of subjects. Too many to list. 402 Pages. £15
  16. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol XVIII Spring 1998. Contents: The Syllable in Scottish Gaelic Dialect Studies. A Hebridean Tale of Sir Gawain, The Language of the Scottish Chronicle and its European Context, A Group of Irish and Scottish Gaelic Songs, Caismeachd Ailean Nan Sop: Towards a Definitive Text, Place Names in the Comhachag and Other Similar Poems, Summary List of Items 488-576 in the Carmichael Watson Collection, Three Poems from County Cork in Praise of Bobbing John, Notes on Poems by Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair, Common Gaelic Basaire ‘Executioner’ Middle Scots Basaire ‘Executioner’. Easter Ross iad sa, Book Reviews. 204 Pages. £12
  17. Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol XX 2000. Contents: Alexander Carmichael and Clann Mhuirich, Social Control and Social Criticism: the Nineteenth Century comhradh, A Gaelic Polemic Quatrain from the reign of Alexander 1, Donnchadh Ban, An Darnacha Beum ann an Orain na Gaidhlig, Sir Walter Scott’s Gaelic Manuscript. Gaelic Sources for Ruaig Beinn Todhaig, Of Mar, Ceithri Primchenela Dail Riata, An Imaginary Viking Raid on Skye in 795? Fithil in Coir Anmann, Beagan mu’n Stad Ghlotasach ann an Gaidhlig Ceann a Deas Earraghaidheil, The phonological development of Scottish Gaelic uinneag ‘window; and related questions, Gaidhealtachd and Galldachd: some further notes, book reviews. 236 Pages. £12
  18. Highland Clans and tartans by RW Munro. An illustrated book which tells the story of the clans from their beginnings to the present day. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 7 Chapters, Index and Acknowledgements, includes 150 colour and black and white photographs. 128 Pages. £15
  19. The Scotch Whisky Book by Mark Skipworth. Contents: The Spirit of the Past, The Spirit of the Present, Enjoying Scotch Whisky, Whisky Galore, A Directory of Brands, Single Malts, Vatted Malts, Sandard Blends, De Luxe Blends. H.B. With D/J Published in 1987, this edition is from 1998. Illustrated with over 150 Colour and Black and White Photographs. 156 Pages. £8
  20. Sgoil a Bhac. Memories Through the Ages. H.B. Published in 2013. A Historical and Photographic record from 1878 to 2012 of Back Secondary and Primary School, Isle of Lewis. 25 Chapters in total which encapsulates all aspects of the school. 272 Pages. £10
  21. Warangian by Gordon B. Smith. The Journal of one man’s journey in a yacht which began in Lerwick taking him to Lisbon, Santa Cruz, Antilles, Balboa, Galapagos Islands, The Cook Islands, Tonga and New Zealand. P.B. Published in 1983. Twelve Chapters which includes photographs. 128 Pages. £8
  22. Highlands and Islands of Scotland. About Britain No 12. A new guide book with a portrait by Alastair M. Dunnett. H.B. With D/J Published in 1951. Contents: Portrait of Highlands and Islands, The Tours, Gazetteer and a list of Photographs. 92 Pages. £8
  23. Revivals in the Highlands by Angus MacGillivray. P.B. Published in 2016. Contents: Foreword, Author’s Preface, Introduction, Revivals of Religion, General Results, Illustrative Sketches, Concluding Remarks. 65 Pages. £6
  24. Stairway 13. The Story of the 1971 Ibrox Disaster by Paul Collier & Donald S. Taylor, with a foreword by George Best. P.B. Published in 2007. 12 Chapters and includes Notes and Appendices and a profile of all the Rangers signed players in 1970-71. 103 Pages. £6
  25. Ring of Truth by Dorothy Stewart. A novel set in Aberdeen in 1964 at the time of the typhoid epidemic. P.B. Published in 2018, the final volume in Stewart’s Mizpah Ring Trilogy. 293 Pages. £5
  26. Aberdeen In The 70s A Decade of Change. Edited by Raymond Anderson. A book of 400 images which shows Aberdeen during a decade that was indeed a change for the City. North Sea oil came ashore and the city adapted to the benefits and the challenges of being the oil capital of Europe. 192 Pages. £6
  27. Thugam agus Bhuam le Padruig Moireasdan. Sgeulachdan agus Orain air an taghadh agus air an deasachadh le Domhnall Eairsidh Domhnallach. 25 Sgeulachdan agus 14 Orain. Air fhoillseachadh an toiseach ann an 1977, air ath fhoillseachadh ann an 2007. 113 Duilleag. £8
  28. The Heart is Highland. Memories of a Childhood in a Scottish Glen by Maisie Steven. Second Edition. P.B. Originally Published in 2001, this reprint is from 2004. 12 Chapters which looks at each month of the year in a Scottish Glen. Includes Photographs. 164 Pages. £8
  29. Tocher Tales, Songs and Traditions Selected from the Archives of the School of Scottish Studies. Various Issues. No’s 22, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36 & 37 Which is the Tenth Anniversary Double Issue. 8 Issues in total. £25
  30. My Remarkable Journey. The Autobiography of Britain’s First Muslim MP. Mohammed Sarwar with Bob Wyllie. H.B With D/J Published in 2016. 15 Chapters, Bibliography and Index and includes photographs. 390 Pages. Signed by the Author. £6
  31. Scottish Traditional Tales. Edited by AJ Bruford and DA Macdonald. Contents include; Children’s Tales, Fortune Tales, Hero Tales, Trickster Tales, Other Cleverness, Stupidity and Nonsense, Fate, Morals and Religion, Origin and Didactic Legends, Legends of Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Legends of Fairies and Sea Folk, Legends of Witchcraft, Robbers, Archers and Clan Feuds, Select Bibliography, Notes, Index of Storytellers. P.B. Originally Published in 1994, This reprint is from 2014.488 Pages. £8
  32. Oceans of Time. The memoir of a happy go lucky seadog by David Share. This book is funny, frank, colourful and irreverent -and  aunique record from the golden era of shipping in the 1950’s and 60’s to the present day. P.B. Published in 2006. 279 Pages and includes many photographs. £8
  33. The Track of the Wild Otter by Hugh Miles. Drawings & Paintings by John Busby. P.B Originally Published in 1984, this reprint is from 1989. Eleven Chapters and drawings and includes Technical Notes. 160 Pages. £8
  34. Dun Charlabhaigh and the Hebridean Iron Age by Ian Armit & Noel Fojut. Booklet, printed in 1998. Contents: Dun Carloway in History and Legend, Brochs and the Scottish Iron Age, Dun Carloway Today, Beyond the Brochs, Other Sites to Visit, Further Reading. 32 Pages. £6
  35. The Islands of Western Scotland. The Inner and Outer Hebrides. by WH Murray. P.B. Published in 1973. 11 Chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography and Appendixes. 328 Pages. £8
  36. Blythswood Recipe Book. Compiled by Members of Lairg/Rogart/Rosehall Blythswood Support Committee. Contents: Soups & Starters, Chicken & Game, Beef & Pork, Sweets, Miscellaneous. A5 Size Publication with ring binding. 120 Pages. £8
  37. The King’s Friend. Norman “Tormod Sona” Macdonald by Rev Murdoch Campbell. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 48 Pages. £6
  38. Glasgow’s River by Brian D Osborne, Iain Quinn and Donald Robertson. P.B. Published in 1996. This book takes a trip down the River and look back at the ships, docks, yards and people of the Clyde. 144 Pages. £8
  39. The Prince Among the Heather. The most spellbinding book about Scotland ever written. By Eric Linklater. Photographs by Don Kelly. P.B Originally Published in 1976, this reprint is from 1987. The Flight of Bnnie Prince Charlie, this is the story of his flight, and of the wild beautiful country he claimed in vain as his birthright. 143 Pages. £5
  40. Trout Fishing in Lewis by Norman Macleod. Booklet, originally printed in 1977, this reprint is from 1985. A guide to brown trout fishing in Lewis. A list of all the lochs are given with directions to each Loch. Contains diagrams. 65 Pages. Slight tear in the spine. £8
  41. Diary 1851 by John Munro Mackenzie Chamberlain of the Lews. A month by month account is given throughout 1851, at the end it has documents, illustrations and a family tree. 167 Pages. £8
  42. Recipes and Housekeeping Tips from 1908. Published by the Kinloch Historical Society. A notebook with these recipes from 1908, was found in a house in Ballan, Lochs in 2004. Contents: Aknowledgements, Introduction, Annie Mackinnon, Conversion Tables, Basics, Soup, Fish, Meat, Desserts, Baking, Savouries, Housewife’s Corner. A5 Size Publication with ring binding. 105 Pages. £8
  43. Claire Macdonald’s Scottish Cookery. Booklet, date of printing 1998. Contents include; Cullen Skink, Poached Salmon, Cod with Mustard, Herrings in Oatmeal, Bread Sauce, Forfar Bridies,Lamb Collops, Stovies, Clootie Dumpling, Porridge, Butterscotch Tart, etc, etc. 28 Pages. £5
  44. The Burning Bush in Carloway. Its history and Revivals by Murdo Macaulay. Booklet, printed to commemorate 100 years of the Carloway Free Church Building. Contents: Introduction, Early Times, The Nineteenth Century, The Twentieth Century, Appendices. Printed in 1984, includes photographs. 57 Pages. £6
  45. Thine Eyes Shall See The King in His Beauty by Rev Murdo Macaulay. A booklet that came into existence as a result of the traumatic experience of the years of illness suffered by the the Author’s wife. P.B. Published in 1988. 76 Pages. £5
  46. Searmonan Leis An Urr U.B. MacNeacail Ministear An Eaglais Shaor. H.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1974. 35 Searmonan. 118 Duilleag. £6
  47. Walks in the Western Isles; Lewis, Harris, North Uist, South Uist & Barra. 34 Walks in total from Short Strolls to Long Hikes. Pocket Size Booklet. Printed in 2004. 34 Pages. £5
  48. Royal Road to the Isles. 150 Years of MacBrayne Shipping by Ian McCrorie. P.B. Published in the early 2000’s. 189 Pages. £8
  49. Portrona by Norman Malcolm Macdonald. A novel set by two events that are linked with the history of the Island of Lewis -the Muting of the Bounty in 1789 and the sinking of HMY Iolaire in 1919. P.B. Published in 2000. 231 Pages. £8
  50. Creach Mhor Nam iadh le Tormod Domhnallach. Dealbh Chluich mu Cogadh nan Croitearan ann a sgire na Loch ann an Leodhas ann an 1887. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1973. 80 Duilleag. £10
  51. Game on Lewis and Harris -Past and Present by David S.D. Jones. Booklet, printed in 2007. An illustrated booklet which looks at the changing wildlife of Lewis and Harris over the centuries as seen through estate and game records. 64 Pages which includes many photographs. £8
  52. Riot -The people’s insurrections of 1797 in Strathtay by John Prebble. Booklet, printed in 1975, this reprint is from 1996. Three Chapters. 34 Pages. £8
  53. History of the Villages of the Isle of Arran. By the SWRI Arran Federation. Booklet, this further revised update is from 2002. Contents: Brodick, Corrie and Sannox, Kildonan,Kilmory, Lamlash, Lochrana, Pirnmill, Shiskine, Whitting Bay. 69 Pages. £8
  54. Beauty for Ashes. A Brochure in memory of the late Miss Barbara and Miss Isabella Morton of 53 St Vincent Crescent Glasgow. Oroginally Printed in 1945, this reprint is from 2003. Contents: Preface, Introduction by the Rev D Maclean, Sketch of the lives of the Misses Morton, including letters of their godly aunt, Essays of “vital godliness” by the late Rev Jonathan R Anderson. 48 Pages. £6
  55. The Cook of Arran. In aid of Save the Children Fund. Contents: Starters, Fish, Main Course, Sweets, Savouries. Booklet, printed in 1987. 48 Pages. £6
  56. Hill Walking in Arran by Ronald L Meek. Routes up the main hills and ridges in the North of the Isle of Arran. Booklet, first printed in 1963, This Third Impression is from 1978. 63 Pages. £5
  57. Seventy Walks in Arran by R.D. Walton. Contents: Lochs and Lochans, Caves, Some Standing Stones and Cairns, Walks Along and Near the Shore, Inland Walks, Across the Island Walks. Booklet, printed in 1979. Third Printing. 60 Pages. £6
  58. ‘Fit Like the Skipper’ A Collection of North East tales and poems by Peter Buchan. P.B. Originally Published in 1985, this reprint is from 1989. 44 Tales and poems in total. 99 Pages. £6
  59. Your Scottish Heritage Clan Macleod. Compiled by Alan McNie. Booklet, originally printed in 1980, this revised reprint is from 1983. 34 Pages. £5
  60. Rare Breeds Facts and Figures. Published by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Contents: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Ponies, Acceptance Procedure, Priority List. Booklet, printed in 1994. 58 Pages. £6
  61. The New Gaelic English Dictionary by Derick S. Thomson. P.B. Published in 1981. 1st 210 Pages. £8
  62. Gaelic Dictionary -Faclair Gaidhlig. Gaelic -English English -Gaelic by Malcolm Maclennan. P.B. Originally Published in 1979, this reprint is from 2001. 613 Pages. £8
  63. Airidhanthuim School Cookery Book. A4 Size Publication with Ring Binding. Contents: Starters, Main Courses, Puddings, Baking, Weights & Measures. 66 Pages. £8
  64. Bragar School Recipes 2004. A5 Size Booklet. Contents: Traditional Recipe, Soups and Starters, Main Courses, Puddings, Cakes and Biscuits, Sweets, Play Dough, Conversion Charts. 51 Pages. £8
  65. Come Dine with Pudsey at Lews Castle College. A5 Size Publication. A booklet compiled to raise funds for the Children in Need Appeal in 2009. Contents: Soups & Starters, Main Courses, Desserts, Home Baking, Goodies, Hebridean Delicacies, Miscellaneous. 42 Pages. £6
  66. Mod Nan Eilean Siar 2011 Leabhar Cocaireachd. Contents include; Conversion Charts, Soups, Dips,Pates and salad, Vegetarian, Fish and Shellfish, Pork and Ham, Chicken, Pasta, Desserts, Home Baking, Traybakes and Biscuits, Confectionary, Breakfasts and Suppers, Drinks, Odds and Ends. A5 Size Publication with Ring Binding. 312 Pages. £8
  67. Lochs Cookery Collection. A4 Size Publication with Ring Binding. Printed in 1994. Contents: Conversion Tables, Soups & Starters, Fish Dishes, Meat Dishes, Poultry and Game Dish, Supper Dishes, Vegetarian, Puddings and Desserts, Chef’s Specialities, Cakes & Biscuits, Scones, Quick Bread & Yeast Bread, Miscellaneous, Handy Hints, Index. 143 Pages. £8
  68. Calvinistic Theology. An edited version of an address given at a meeting of the Lewis Branch of the Scottish Reformation Society on Friday 19 November 1993 by Rev George Macaskill, APC Minister, Stornoway. Booklet, 15 Pages. £5
  69. Finding out about Worship by James Clark Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Booklet, 15 Pages. £5
  70. Air a Mhisean. A record of all those from Lewis and Harris who served as missionaries in the Free Church and Church of Scotland. Booklet, printed in 1998. Also, a photo of nearly all those named in the book. 51 Pages. £6
  71. Songs of the Spirit. The Place of Psalms in the Worship of God. Edited by Kenneth Stewart. P.B. Published in 2014. Ten Articles by different writers. 212 Pages. £5
  72. Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair The Ardnamurchan Years by Ronald Black. Booklet, printed in 1986. 43 Pages. £6
  73. Unsearchable Riches. Selected Sermons of Rev Donald Maclean, late Minister of St Jude’s Congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Includes a Biographical Sketch of Mr Maclean. P.B. Published in 2013. 12 Sermons. 213 Pages. £6
  74. Harris and Lewis Outer Hebrides by Francis Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968, this reprint is from 1973. Contents: Ecology and Physical Environment, History, Communications,Agriculture and Fishing, Trade and Industry, The People, Stornoway, A Harris Vignette, The Other Islands, Island Life, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index. 221 Pages. Includes Photographs. £8
  75. St Martins and Cambusmichael. A Parochial Retrospect By Alexander Scott. Illustrated by D. Scott Murray. H.B. Published in 1911. Contents: Introduction, The Parish -A General Survey, Lands and Heritages, Antiquities, The Parish Churches and Ministers, A Laird of the Olden Days, Fragmentary. 99 Pages. £20
  76. Gairm Leabhar 1. H.B Copy of the first 4 issues of Gairm. Short Stories, Poetry, Profiles, photos and much more. £8
  77. Apostles of the North by Rev Norman C Macfarlane. Sketches of Some Highland Ministers. 17 Ministers are profiled in this book; John Macdonald, John Macrae, Alexander Stewart, Robert Finlayson, Alexander Macleod, Duncan Matheson, Roderick Macleod, Finlay Cook, Duncan MacGregor, Peter Maclean, Gustavus Aird, Donald Sage, Donald Macrae, Donald Murray, George Mackay,Lachlan Mackenzie, John Kennedy. H.B. Date of publishing unknown, possible late 1920’s early 30’s. 1st Edition (Scarce) £35
  78. Seanchaidh Na Traghad (The Story Teller of the Shore) Le Iain MacCormaic. H.B. With D/J Published in 1911. Contents: Sean Chuimhneachan air a Choire Ghlas, Am Briuthas Beag, B’iad sud na Laithean Sunndach, Gille Gibeach a Ghlinne Mhoir. 64 Duilleagan. £12
  79. The Church in the Highlands or the progress of evangelical religion in Gaelic Scotland, 563-1843 by John Mackay. H.B. Published in 1914. Contents: The Columban Celtic Church 563-1068, The Medieval Church, 1068-1560, The Reformed Church, 1560-1650, The Persecuted Church 1650-1701, The Declining Church, 1701 -1796, The Awakening Church, 1796-1843. 280 Pages. £35
  80. The Evangelical Movement in the Highlands of Scotland 1688-1800 by John Macinnes. H.B. Published in 1951. Contents: Militant Presbyterian Evangelicalism, Innes Divisions 1750-1800, Revival Movements in the Highlands 1688 -1800, Trends of Theological and Religious Thought, Missionaries, Catechists ‘Men’ Their Work and Evangelical Influence 1688-1800, Highland Schools and Schoolmasters, The Gaelic Religious Poets, Index of Personal Names. 299 Pages. £20
  81. The Celtic Annual 1912. Edited by Malcolm Macleod. H.B. 64 Pages, contains, Biographical Sketches, Sgeulachdan, Bardachd and many other articles in Gaelic and English. Also, includes a list of members and executive committee members of the Dundee Highland Society in 1912. £15
  82. The History of the Highland Clearances by Alexander Mackenzie. With a new Introduction by Ian Macpherson MP. H.B. Originally Published in 1883, this reprint is from 1966. Contents: Sutherland, Trial of Patrick Sellar, Ross Shire, Inverness Shire, The Hebrides, Argyllshire, Buteshire, Perthshire, Notable Dicta, Statistical Statement, Appendices. 286 Pages. £25
  83. The Tartan Pimpernel by Dr Donald Caskie. H.B. Published in 1957, this reprint is from 1961. Twenty Chapters and Illustrations. 270 Pages. A Presentation Copy signed by the Author. £12
  84.     Tales of Scottish Keeps & Castles by Elizabeth W. Grierson. With eight Illustrations in colour by Allan Stewart. H.B. Originally Published in 1928, this revised edition is from 1955. Nine Chapters. 215 Pages. £10
  85. Teagasg Nan Cosamhlachdan Leis An Urramach Domhnull Iain Martainn (Nach Maireann) A Bha na Mhinistear anns an Eaglasi Shaoir Aonaichte Ann a Steornabhagh agus ann an Oban. Air a dheasachadh leis an Urramach Calum Macillinnein. H.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1914. Cunntas air beatha an Urramach Martainn Le Calum Mac an Rothaich. 17 Searmonan uile gu leir. 197 Duilleagan. £15
  86. The Resurgence of Arminianism by Rev Kenneth A Macrae Free Church Minister, Stornoway. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: The Doctrines of Arminianism, The Historical Aspect, A Fresh Start, The Faith Mission and the Lewis Revival, Conclusion. 32 Pages. £6
  87. The Psalms in Scots. Reprint of P. Hately Waddell’s The Psalms: Frae Hebrew Intil Scottis. First Published in 1871. Introduced by Graham Tulloch. P.B. Published in 1987. Contents: Preface, Introduction, Glossary, Psalms, Lilts or Kirk Sangs, Headins o’ Psalms, The Buik o’ Psalms, David and Goliath, Notice to the General Reader. 108 Pages. £6
  88. Memories of a Kenneth Street Boy by Allan Campbell. Booklet, printed circa late 1980’s early 1990’s. The Memories of a Boy growing up in the Police Station, Stornoway, Isle of Lews in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Ten Chapters, 44 Pages. £8
  89. Back Football Club. Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme. 1933-1983. A season by season account of the club during these years which contains many photographs old and new. Booklet, 40 Pages. £8 (Very clean copy)
  90. Christian Women Compiled by Annie Morrison. The Christian Women from the Isle of Lewis profiled are: Catherine Mackay (Catriona Hangie), Gormelia Maclean (Goramal an Fhivig) Bean a Mhillion, Margaret Mackenzie (nee Maciver) Cailleach Tob 1870-1940. Jessie Maciver -Bean Aonghais Ruaidh, Flora Macdonald (Barvas), Margaret MacDiarmid -Mrs Mackay. Booklet, Date of printing circa early 2000’s. 36 Pages. £5
  91. Popular Tales of the West Highlands. Orally Collected. With a Translation by J.F. Campbell. Vol IV. Contents: Ossianic Controversy, British Tradition Prose and Poetry, Mythology, Highland Dress, Celtic Ornament, Etc. Etc. H.B. Published in 1862. Includes Illustrations. 480 Pages. £25
  92.            The Life of George Matheson by D. Macmillan. Popular Edition. H.B. Published in 1910. Contents: Early Years, Student Days, Recess Studies, Probation, Mathesons of Innellan, Authorship,Devotion and Poetry, Last Years at Innellan, The Edinburgh Ministry, Pastoral and Literary, Dr Matheson at Home, Last Years, Index. 369 Pages. £15
  93. An Laoidheadar. H.B. Published in 1935, Gaelic Hymns accompanied with the Music. 120 Hymns in total. 175 Pages. £10
  94. The Furrow Behind Me. The Autobiography of a Hebridean Crofter. Told By Angus MacLellan. Translated from the Gaelic by John Lorne Campbell. P.B. Published in 1997, this reprint is from 2002. 7 Chapters, Introduction, Chronology, Notes, Glossary of Agricultural Terms. 202 Pages. £5
  95. The Buildings of Scotland -Highlands and Islands Series by John Gifford. H.B. Published in 1992, this reprint is from 2003. Contents: Introduction, Highlands and Islands -All areas are covered in this book, Glossary, Index of Artists, Index of Places. Includes a number of plates. 683 Pages. £15
  96. Scottish Woollens. This volume is a reprint of a book published in 1956, that brought all newsletters from the company published from 1931- 1956 together in one volume. H.B. Published in 2016. Contents has 42 different chapters and includes a list of colour Illustrations and Black and White Plates at End of Volume. 279 Pages. £10
  97. Donald Dewar Ate My Hamster and other tales by Donald Dewar. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999. A selection of the author’s columns which first appeared in the Glasgow Herald. 160 Pages. £8
  98. The Martin O’ Neill Story by Anna Smith and David McCarthy. P.B. Published in 2001. 23 Chapters. Includes many photographs. 167 Pages. £5
  99. McGinn of the Calton by Matt McGinn. The Life and Works of Matt McGinn 1928-1977. P.B. Published in 1987.Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Autobiography, Songs and Poems, Stories, Bibliography, Discography, Epilogue. 203 Pages. £8
  100. Tales of the North Coast. Alan Temperley and the pupils of Farr Secondary School. Foreword by James Scotland. In this collection of fifty eight tales, Alan Temperley and the pupils of Farr Secondary School have built a memorial to the great tradition of Highland story telling. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977, this is a second edition from 1977. 252 Pages. £10
  101. Peterhead Porridge by James Crosbie. Tales from the funny side of Scotland’s Most Notorious Prison. P.B. Originally Published in 2007, this reprint is from 2014. 30 Chapters and Epilogue. 273 Pages. £5
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  104. The Hebrides Revival and Awakening 1949-1953. A Short History. Compiled by Alex Dunn. 4th Revision and 13th P.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. The most detailed history ever written about the Awakening and gives a year by year account of the Revival. 67 Pages. £8
  105. Sa Bhuth s’an Tac an Teine le Cairistiona Stone. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 2016. 41 Sgeulachd Goirid. 142 Duilleag. £6
  106. The Sacrament of Baptism by Rev John Colquhoun Glendale, Isle of Skye. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 41 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  107. Mochtar is Dughall. Dan fada a sgriobhadh mu dheireadh a Chogaidh (1939-45) anns an Eadailt. With a partial English translation by the Author. Le Deorsa Caimbeul Hay. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. 63 Duilleagan. £6
  108. The Teampull on the Isle of Pabbay by Bill Lawson. A Harris Church in its Historical Setting. Booklet, printed in 1994, Thirteen Chapters, 44 Pages. £6
  109. Winchman by Chris Murray. A Life on the Wire. This is the life story of Chris Murray. As a Winchman on Search and Rescue Helicopters, for 22 years he was involved in the rescue of many people from the seas and mountains around the Western Isles and the north of Scotland. P.B. Published in 2013. 10 Chapters. 183 Pages and includes many photographs. Signed by the Author. £8
  110.      Island Pilot -Captain Alan Whitfield. The authr developed inter island air services in the Shetlands from the late 60’s. In this Second Edition of Island Pilot, Alan also records the end of Loganair’s 37 yaer tenure on services to the offshore islands of Shetland, while adding insights to his flying career in Canada, Cumbria, The Western Isles and with Perthshire based Strathair. P.B. Published in 2007, 13 Chapters and 3 Appendices. 132 Pages. £8
  111. Orain Chaluim. Being the poems of Malcolm Macaskill bard of Berneray, Harris. Edited by Alick Morrison. H.B. With D/J Date of Publishing Unknown. Includes a biography of the Bard. 25 of his poems are included in this book with notes. 81 Pages. £8
  112. Western Highlands by Arthur Gardner. Illustrated by 300 Photographs mostly by the Author. Second Edition, revised. H.B This reprint is from 1948. Contents: Preface, Introduction, The South West, Ballachulish, glencoe and Ben Nevis, Ardgour, Sunart and Ardnamurchan, The Western Coasts and Channels, The Western Glens, The Wilds of Ross and Sutherland, The Far North, The Isle of Skye, Mull and Iona, The Hills of Arran, Index. H.B. Boards show signs of dampness but no sign in any of the pages. 106 Pages. £20
  113. The Highland Campaign of 1653-1655. Scots Royalists and Cromwell’s Pax Anglica by G.D. Richardson. Presidential Address to Inverness Field Club by G.D. Richardson on 21st March 1990. Booklet, printed in 1996. 22 Pages. £6
  114. The Story of Errol Station by John Beech. The story of the station and the people who worked there and the role which the station has played in social history. Booklet, printed in 1993. 53 Pages. £6
  115. Centenary of Castle Street, Church of Scotland, Dingwall. Booklet, printed in the early 2000’s. A detailed history of the church and includes a biography of all the Minister’s who have served the congregation. Includes photographs. 28 Pages. £6
  116. Speed Bonny Boat. The Story of Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd. Under Scottish Transport Group, 1969-1990 by John Whittle. Booklet, printed in 1990. 48 Pages. £6
  117. The Scottish Clearances. A History of the Dispossed by T.M. Devine. P.B. Published in 2019. The book is in three Parts, and includes Maps, Tables, Illustrations and Abbreviations, Includes a Bibliography. 463 Pages. £5
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  122. Celtic Scared Landscapes by Nigel Pennick. With 64 Illustrations. P.B. Originally Published in 1996, this reprint is from 2000. 12 Chapters, Bibliography and Index. 224 Pages. £8
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  131. The Western Islands Handbook. Covers Barra, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris, Lewis, St Kilda, Skye, Raasay, Canna, Eigg, Muck, Mull, Iona, Tiree, Coll, Colonsay, Islay, Jura, Gigha. By David Perrott. P.B. Published in 1995, originally published as ‘Guide to the Western Islands of Scotland’ 160 Pages. Includes Maps and Photographs. £6
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  136. As an Abhainn Mhoir. English-Gaelic Recipes from Pictou County. P.B. With Ring Binding Printed in 2011. Contents: Soups & Stews, Main Dishes, Breads, Sweets, Miscellaneous. A Bilingual Publication. 120 Pages. £8
  137. Haggis Recipe Book with recipes from Scotland’s Finest Hotels. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 33 Pages. £5
  138. The Hillwalker’s Handbook by Steve Ashton. Includes rock scrambling and winter walking. P.B. Originally Printed in 1987, this reprint is from 1995. 16 Chapters, Useful Addresses, Bibliography, Index. Includes Photographs. 158 Pages. £6
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  140. The Glasgow Diary by Donald Saunders, Mainly. With contributions by Archie Hind, Alasdair Gray and many others. Ranging through the centuries The Glasgow Fairy constantly produces the unusual, tragic and comic incidents for every day of the year, building up a unique picture of a friendly, couthy and sometimes violent city. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. £6
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  145. White Gold The Inside Story of the UK’s Largest Ever Drug Haul by Eugene Costello. In the Summer of 1989, working on a tip off and intelligence from their Spanish counterparts, Customs and Excise became aware of a major plot to smuggle huge amounts of drugs into the UK around Ullapool. This book tells the story of who one of the biggest ever haul of drugs was landed at Ullapool in January 1991. P.B. Published in2003, this reprint is from 2004. 237 Pages. £5
  146. A Harris Way of Life. The Story of Marion Campbell (1909 -1996) by Gisela Vogler. Booklet, originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2006. 64 Pages which includes photographs. £6
  147. John Murray and The Godly Life by John J. Murray. This booklet is the substance of an address delivered at a meeting of the Northern Reformed Fellowship in Dornoch Academy on 16th June 2008. Booklet, 20 Pages. £5
  148. Kilmuir Church North Uist Recipes. Contents: Starters, Soups, Fish, Chicken, Meat, Salads, Vegetarian, Puddings, Baking, Confectionary, Preserves, Index. P.B. With Ring Binding printed in 2006. 102 Pages. £6
  149. Iona Abbey A Short Tour. The aim of this booklet is to take you round the Abbey and its precincts, explaining briefly the history of the church on Iona. Booklet, date of Printing unknown.10 Pages. £6
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  152. The Crofter & The Laird by John Macphee. This book is the story and an evocation of one small Scottish island, Colonsay. The author from America, decided one summer to take his family and live on the island to discover its history, its customs, its legends and its people. H.B. With D/J Published in 1969, this reprint is from 1970. Ex Library. 159 Pages. £8
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  167. A’ Choisir Chiuil. The St.Columba Collection of Gaelic Songs. 100 well known gaelic songs with the tunes. H.B. Not dated but It has the date of 1932 written in pen, and also there is a Gaelic Society of London letter to members which is dated 15th April 1932. £15
  168. Duart Castle Isle of Mull Where Eagles Dare. Booklet. A Brief History of the Castle Runs Throughout this Guide. Signed by Lachlan Maclean of Duart and Morven 28th Chief of the Clan Maclean. 21 Pages, which includes photographs. £6
  169. A Walk Through Glasgow Cathedral. This book is intended to help visitors learn something about the Cathedral which for several centuries many people have loved. Booklet, this is a reprint from 1995. 40 Pages. £5
  170. Fort George Ardersier. Official Souvenir Guide. Booklet,printed in 1995. 40 Pages. £5
  171. Brodick Castle, Country Park and Goatfell. Booklet, 36 Pages. Printed in 2015. £5
  172. The River Clyde by Innes Macleod & Margaret Gilroy. More than half the population of Scotland live within a short distance of the River Clyde, and this book is a practical guide to the history and geography of the vast and varied area through which that river flows on its way to the sea. P.B. Originally Published in 1991, this reprint is from 1996. 12 Chapters. 175 Pages. £5
  173. Robert Burns. The Man and his Work by Hans Hecht. With a Foreword by Sir Patrick J. Dollan. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1936, this second revised edition is from 1950. Part One: Ayrshire, 1759-1786 Part Two: Edinburgh 1786-1788, Part Three: Dumfriesshire: 1788-1796, Appendix, Bibliography, Indices. 301 Pages. £10
  174. Managing Scotland’s Environment by Charles Warren. Contents: Part One: The Nature and Control of the Land, Part Two: The Pieces of the Jigsaw, Part Three: Interactions and Controversies, Part Four: Thinking and Deciding about the Environment, Part Five: Conclusion. P.B. Originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2007. 410 Pages. £10
  175. Waverley the world’s last sea going paddle steamer by Douglas Mcgowan. Booklet, printed in 1984. Contents: Steamers of the Clyde, The New Waverley (1947), The Nationalised Years (1948-1973), Paddler for a Pound, Leaving for Liverpool (1977), On the Rocks, Waverley Visits the Capital, Heart Transplant (And Some Personalities), What the Papers Said. 79 Pages. £8
  176. Cronan Nan Tonn. The Croon of the Sea by Duncan Johnston. Le Donnachadh Mac Iain. With Foreword by Archd N. Currie. Booklet, a reprint from 1997. 30 Orain le ceol. 72 Duilleag. £8
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  178. Smuaintean fo Eiseabhal. Thoughts Under Eiseaval. Domhnall Aonghais Bhain (Donald Macdonald) Edited and Translated by Ronald Black. P.B. Published in 2000. Bardachd gaidhlig le cud air an eadar theangachadh gu beurla, cuideachd tha clar afg deireadh a leabhar dhan a piosan bardachd eile a sgriobh e. 115 Duilleag. £6
  179. Voyage to St Kilda by Monica Weller. This book provides another dimension to the epic story of ‘The Islands on the Edge’. To Travel with Monica Weller in poem, prose and photography is a moving and exhilarating experience. B. Published in 1998, 72 Pages. £8
  180. Balach a Griomsiader. Tales and Travels of a Lochie. A booklet based on the life and working experiences of Donald Morrison. Booklet, Printed in 2007. 38 Pages. £6
  181. Nach Neonach Sin Le Cailein T. MacChoinnich. A measg annas an is iongantais an t-saoghail uile, chan eil dad as iongantaiche na’n fhirinn. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1973. 18 Sgeulachdan. 56 Duilleag. £6
  182. Aithris is Oideas. Traditional Gaelic Rhymes and Games. This publication brings together into a convenient form about 350 selected examples of the rhymes, rhyming games and general play material which still exist in the oral tradition among speakers of Scottish Gaelic. H.B. With D/J Published in 1964. 110 Pages. £8
  183. Kirkwall’s Story. A Walking Tour of Kirkwall with Kim Twatt. A Heritage Tour with Kings and Earls, Pirates, Saints, Witches and bairds, Seaweed and Bere Bannocks, Cathedral Palaces and a Garden Folly. Booklet, printed in 2016. 18 Pages. £6
  184. To the Ends of the Earth. Norman Macleod and the Highlanders migration to Nova Scotia and New Zealand by Neil Robinson. B. Published in 1997. 14 Chapters, 2 Appendixes, Bibliography and Index. 260 Pages. £8
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  186. Surprise Island by James Shaw Grant. True Stories from the Western Isles. P.B. Published in 1983. 44 stories. 160 Pages. £8
  187. Stornoway and the Lews by James Shaw Grant. Unusual stories from the Western Isles. P.B. Published in 1985. 55 Stories. 198 Pages. £8
  188. Only the Sunny Days. Memories of a Barra Childhood by Catriona MacNeil. P.B. Published in 1988. Thirteen Chapters, Epilogue, 2 Short stories in Gaelic and an article on The Barra Evictions. 99 Pages. £8
  189. Life of a Scotch Naturalist. Thomas Edward Associate of the Linnean Society by Samuel Miles. Portrait and Illustrations by George Reid. Third Edition. H.B. Published in 1877. 18 Chapters and Fauna of Banffshire. 446 Pages. £25
  190.  Scotland’s Winter Mountains by Martin Moran.  The Challenges and the Skills. Part One -The Challenge. Part Two -The Skills. Appendices, References and Index. H.B. Originally Published in 1988, this reprint is from 1998. 320 Pages. £8
  191. Isle of Skye Walks. Compiled by Terry Marsh. Pathfinder Guides. 28 Walks in Total. P.B. Published in 2011. Which includes Maps and Photographs.94 Pages. £8
  192. Highways and Byways in Mull and Iona by Peter MacNab. Contents: Introduction, Useful Information, Using this Book, Craignure-Salen-Tobermory, Tobermory -Dervaig, Dervaig -Gruline -Salen, Salen -Fionnaphort, Kinloch Inn-Glenmore, Craignure. P.B. Originally Published in 1988, this reprint is from 1991. 107 Pages. £8
  193. Scottish Traditional Tales Edited by A.J. Bruford and D.A. Macdonald. Contents: Children’s Tales, Fortune Tales, Hero Tales, Trickster Tales, Other Cleverness, Stupidity and Nonsense, Fate, Morals and Religion, Origin and Didatic Legends, Legends of Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Legends of Fairies and Sea Folk, Legends of Witchcraft and Clan Feuds, Select Bibliography, Notes, Index of Storytellers. P.B. Published in 1994. 488 Pages. £10
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  195. Private Papers of James Boswell From Malahide Castle. Isham Collection. Boswell’s Journal of A Tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, Now First Published from the Original Manuscript. Prepared for the Press, with Preface and Notes by Frederick A. Pottle and Charles H. Bennett. H.B. Published in 1936. Contents: Publisher’s Note, Preface, Table of Illustrations, Extract from Sir Richard Baker’s Chronicle of the Kings of England, Text of a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, Appendix: Correspondence between Boswell and Lord Elibank, Index. 435 Pages. £65
  196. Boswell in Holland 1763-1764. Including his correspondence with Belle De Zuylen. Edited by Frederick A. Pottle. H.B. Published in 1952. Contents: Introduction by Frederick A. Pottle, Text of Boswell in Holland 1763-1764, Correspondence with Belle De Zuylen (Zelide) and Others, 1764-1769, Boswell’s Inviolable Plan, Boswell’s French Theme on the Aston Family, Letter of Abraham Gronovious to Boswell, Letter of Francois Mazera to Boswell, Letter of Belle de Zuylen to Boswell, Index. 428 Pages. £65
  197. The Struggle for a Language. Gaelic in Education by Gwen Mulholland. Booklet, printed in 1981. 29 Pages. £5
  198. Scottish Opinion on Gaelic. A report on a national attitude survey for An Comunn Gaidhealach undertaken in 1981 by Kenneth Mackinnon. Booklet, printed in 1981. 29 Pages. £6
  199. Why Gaelic Matters by Derick Thomson. Saltire Pamphlets New Series 5. A short discussion of the history and significance of Gaelic and its related arts in Scottish life. Contents: Language Hstory, Early Gaelic society, Gaelic literature, the language as part of Scotland’s identity, the present position, as seen by the 1981 census, The status quo and policy directions, Notes and references, a short bibliography. Booklet, printed in 1984. 35 Pages. £6
  200. Sporan Dhomhnaill Gaelic Poems and Songs by The Late Donald Macintyre The Paisley Bard, Compiled and Edited by Somerled Macmillan. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968. 84 poems in total, Notes, Index of Persons,etc, Index of Places, Glossary. Also, includes a Genealogical and Biographical introduction. 418 Pages. £15
  201. The Companion to Gaelic Scotland. Edited by Derick S. Thomson. Contents: Preface, Acknowledgements, List of Contributors, Guide to Contents by Subject, Companion to Gaelic Scotland, Chronology, Bibliography, Index. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 363 Pages. £10
  202. A Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Familiar Phrases. Based on Macintosh’s Collection. Edited by A.C. Nicolson. H.B. Published in 1881. 421 Pages. Slight Tear at the top of the spine, otherwise in very good condition for it’s age. £65
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  204. The Map That Changed the World. The Tale of William Smith and The Birth of a Science by Simon Winchester. H.B. With D/J Published in 2001. 17 Chapters, Epilogue, Glossary of Geological and Other Unfamiliar Terms Found in this Book, Sources and Recommended Reading, Acknowledgements, Illustration Acknowledgements, Index. 338 Pages. £10
  205. The Gaelic Songster. An T-Oranaiche no Co Cheangal Taghte do Orain Ur agus Shean A Chuid Mhor Dhiubh nach robh riamh roimhe ann an Clo le Gilleasbuig Mac Na Ceardadh. H.B. Published in 1879. 527 Duilleagan. £45
  206. Dateline Stornoway. A freelance journalist’s lighthearted look over the past 50 years of covering news stories in the Western Isles by Bill Lucas. P.B. Published in 2008. Contents: Foreword, dateline Stornoway, Introduction, Stornoway, Back on the Island, Characters and Personalities, The Courts , and Then there was Lochmaddy, Sea Dramas, Air Affairs, The Inquiries -Including BCCI, Island Industries, The Miscellaneous Files, Civic Duties. 287 Pages and includes many photographs. £8
  207. Macmillan Your Clan Heritage. Compiled by Alan McNie. Booklet, printed in 1986. 34 Pages. £6
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  209. A Leanntainn Na Mara. Bardachd a sgriobh Domhnall Angaidh Macleoid (A Chang) a Ranais nan Loch. A short biography on the bard’s life, 22 poems in total and includes photographs. Booklet, printed in 2009. 48 Pages. £6
  210. Rangers -The Managers by David Mason. This publication is a comprehensive and fascinating book. Never before have the Ibrox managers been examined in such depth. Contents: William Wilton, William Struth, Scott Symon, Davie White, Willie Waddell, Jock Wallace, John Greig, Graeme Souness, Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, The Great Legacy, Statistics. H.B. With D/J published in 2000. 237 Pages. £8 (Signed by John Greig)
  211. The Leper’s Bell. The Autobiography of a Changeling by Norman Maclean. This book is in turn tragic, and uplifting, devastating and hilarious, elegant and heartbreaking, and one of the most moving and uncompromising memoirs to appear in recent years. H.B. With D/J published in 2009. 32 Chapters and an Epilogue, includes many photographs. 327 Pages. £6
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  217. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1991. 40th Anniversary 1951-1991. Includes a reprint of the first annual in 1951 inside this copy. Contents: Old Things Remembered, Sunday Morning in the Town, Remarkable Rescue Recalled, National Mod Dingwall, Bernera in the Bridge Days, From Sea Cadet to Commodore of the Cunard Line, Aliens and Angling, The Andes, The Police in Lewis, Sunday and includes a good selection of old and new photographs. 44 Pages. £6
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  219. Seinneamaid Comhla. Orain is Rannan do Chlann og. Dealbhan le Anna Latharna Nic Illiosa. Tha an leabhar seo dol comhla ris an teip ‘Seinneamaid Comhla’ le Anna Latharna Nicilliosa agus Alasdair Domhnallach. Rinneadh an leabhar seo airson Comhairle nan Sgoiltean Araich. A4 Size Publication. 39 Duilleag. £6
  220. Lewis and Harris Seamen 1939-1945 by John and Annie Morrison. A4 Size Publication. The aim of this book was to put on record the acts of bravery, courage and endurance of seagoing men from the Long Island of Lewis and Harris. A very detailed book which includes photographs. 107 Pages. £10
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  230. Comhairle Ionadail Tholastaidh Bho Thuath. North Tolsta Community Council. Carn Cuimhneachain. Memorial Cairn. In this booklet there are details of the names of the men which are displayed on the tablet, and their Gaelic patronymics are at the end. A4 Size Publication. At the Opening of Tolsta New School this Tablet was presented by the Tolsta Community Association in memory of the local residents and former pupils of Tolsta School, many of whom have no known grave, who were killed in action or died of wounds and illnesses received while serving with the armed forces throughout the first half of the 20th 16 Pages. £8
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  279. Arran Behind the Scenes by Gillean Bussell. This book is intented to reveal through its history, folklore and interesting walks some of the lesser known secret’s of Arran’s past often missed by the visitor to the island and hopefully enhance their enjoyment of this beautiful part of Scotland’s West Coast. P.B. With Rang Binding printed in 1999. 69 Pages. £6
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  290. Calum’s Road by Roger Hutchinson. P.B. Published in 2006, this reprint is from 2008. The story of one man’s crusade to build a road on the Island of Raasay, with a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. A powerful and beautiful symbol of one man’s defiance against the erosion of hs native culture. 6 Chapters, Preface, Maps, Notes, Bibliography. 184 Pages. £6
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  293. Birds of Islay by C. Gordon Smith. Booklet, Originally Printed in 1975, this reprint is from 1981. Booklet, with text and photographs. 63 Pages. £8
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  326. St Kilda Diary. A Record of the early Re Occupation of St Kilda by Dr David Boddington. P.B. Published in 2010. Nine Chapters and Epilogue. Dr Boddington, Royal Army Medical Corps, was Medical Officer on St Kilda from 1958, this book publishes extracts from his diary,and for the first time a compelling first hand account of life lived to the full at a momentous time in the post evacuation history of St Kilda. 202 Pages. £8
  327. Scottish Customs From the Cradle to the Grave by Margaret Bennett. Part One: Childbirth and Infancy, Part Two: Love, Courtship and Marriage, Part Three: Death and Burial. P.B. Published in 1992, 298 Pages. £10
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  348. Kilmuir & Kilmaluag North Skye. More Echoes from the Past. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 2012. 39 Chapters which includes many photographs. 136 Pages. £10
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  361. Against All Odds. The Birth of Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC by Charles Bannerman. P.B. Published in 1997. This book records how two Inverness Clubs; Caledonian and Thistle, playing Highland League Football became a single unit in the Scottish League which in three years became Division 3 Champions in a brand new stadium at East Longman. 15 Chapters, which includes many photographs. 133 Pages. Signed by the Author. £10
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