There was an amused reaction from the countryside districts of the Western Isles to the demand from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar yesterday (Tuesday September 29) that all bins be presented handle first, untethered and on-time each collection day.

On Twitter, Sarah Duce wrote: “All well and good. My bins are a mile from my house and if I don’t tie them, they blow away, leaving a trail of rubbish. Alternatively you could adopt my road and splash some tar on. Then I could have them at my house.”

Another reply reads: “Is this from April 1st, CnES? We live in one of the windiest places on untethered bin in winter is likely to distribute one’s fortnightly household refuse somewhere between Sula Sgeir and Norway. Followed by a 2 hour hunt for the actual bin.”

Another wrote:”Who would be liable for a traffic incident where vehicles collide and persons are injured trying to avoid mobile bins? A risk assessment had shown that exposed bins should be safely restrained where necessary.”

Earlier in a public statement on "Wheeled Bin Collections" issued at this lunchtime yesterday (Tuesday September 29) a Comhairle nan Eilean Siar spokesman said they "would like to remind residents in the Western Isles of the importance of presenting their wheeled bins correctly at the roadside.

"The Comhairle request that all Bins are presented by the roadside with the handles facing outward for 8am on the day of collection.

"Householders and service users are asked to ensure that no ropes, bungee cords or elasticated hooks are left attached to the bins as these could pose a hazard to our members of staff when loading bins onto the rear of the collection vehicle.

"Please note, bins that are stored in roadside bin storage housings must be presented to the roadside for collection.

"Any bins not presented correctly at the roadside may not be emptied," warns Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.