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Work has been completed today (Friday 2 October) on the complete renewal of thatched roofs at two of the buildings in Gearrannan blackhouse village.

Iain Macarthur, a director of Urras nan Gearrannan (Gearrannan Trust) captured thatchers Dave Brooks (nearest the camera), and brothers Michael and Daniel Mikelowski (Daniel in sunglasses) outside the finished hostel yesterday.

The weather didn’t hold back the thatchers, who continued their work through all conditions, from bright sunshine to howling gales – though they did shift occasionally to work in a less exposed position.

After We Love Stornoway’s first report last week ( the unusual job drew attention from a film crew at STV and even from the master thatchers’ own professional publication.

And here’s hoping there’ll be a chance for visitors to admire the neat finish of the newly thatched roofs during a revitalised and safe tourism season in 2021.