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The Highlands and Islands Students’ Association has launched the Suirbhidh Oileanaich le Gàidhlig to hear the views of Gaelic students on their experience studying at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The survey is the first step in the student consultation of the HISA Gaelic Representation Project.

This will ensure HISA’s development to represent Gaelic students more effectively are based on the views of students.

Gaelic-speakers, Gaelic-learners and those with an interest in Gaelic are encouraged to have their views heard, and students studying on any course across the University of the Highlands and Islands may complete the survey.

With funding awarded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, the Gaelic Representation Project will develop structures for Gaelic representation to support HISA’s ambition to become a truly bilingual organisation. It will allow Gaelic-speakers and learners to fully engage with their Students’ Association in Gaelic should they wish to. 

Responses to the survey will be used to shape recommendations for HISA, ensuring a strong voice and widened opportunities for all Gaelic-speakers and learners no matter where or what they study in the Highlands and Islands.

HISA President, Florence Jansen, said:“I am really excited to see this survey going out to students as part of our Gaelic Language Project. This will be the first time we have undertaken a consultation of Gaelic students on this scale and to understand how HISA can be effective representatives of Gaelic students, we believe we need to hear from those students directly about the experience they expect.

“Students should be able to experience their studies in Gaelic if they wish to do so and hearing their views will help us to understand what HISA should do to create an environment at the University of the Highlands and Islands where students can use their Gaelic as habitually in college as they may do at home. I am keen to see HISA become more bilingual in its work and encourage all students from across the university to take part in the survey.”

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