Islanders should be able to buy the team strip for the Scotland football strip – despite having no access to a mainland sports shop.

That’s the message this morning (Monday 23 November) from Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP, Angus MacNeil, who has written to Scottish Football Association (SFA) chief executive Iain Maxwell asking him to clarify exclusive rights to sell Scotland team kits.

It follows an attempt by an island footie fan who had tried to purchase a Scotland top in Sportsworld in Stornoway, only to be told that the mainland sports chain J D Sports have the exclusive rights to sell the kit.

Mr MacNeil said: “Scotland qualifying for Euro 2021 is a fantastic achievement and it is good news that people are interested in buying the Scotland team kit, but I am disappointed to hear that it is not possible to buy Scotland merchandise in independent shops.

“I know of many Scotland fans in remote areas who would welcome the opportunity to be able to buy official Scotland merchandise in the run up to Christmas, particularly during this period of travel restrictions when people would not wish to or are not allowed to travel to more populous areas where JD Sports Shops tend to be located.

“I have asked Mr Maxwell if allowing independent shops to sell the tops is something the SFA would consider.”

The SFA website has an online shop which links directly to J D Sports and gives the information: “Order kits exclusively from our retail partners J D Sports.” This does not give purchasers the chance to check the kit for size or to support local retailers on the island.

Pictures show the Scotland home and away kits (SFA)