A new shop specialising in chef-prepared ready meals is meeting with enormous customer satisfaction in Stornoway.

By the Harbour sees Buckie fish-seller Sean Clark partnering Christopher ‘Woody’ Wood to set up as balaich an iasgaich/fishmongers, in new premises on Esplanade Court, opposite the Fishermen’s Co-op.

There they can offer not just a tempting counter of fresh-caught local fish and seafood, but a range of top-class, oven-ready dishes to take home and enjoy.

The pair have been joined by chefs Jason and Libby and, in the first two weeks of opening during November, the team have already seen offerings such as fresh fishcakes, monkfish curry and luxury seafood platters selling out.

Sean said: “We didn’t realise just how popular our fresh fish and prepared meals would be. The last three weeks have been overwhelming.

“This year has been a challenge for all and we would like to take the time to thank all our customers past and present for the constant support throughout.

“An even bigger thank you to the team that make it all happen. We are grateful for the hard work and professionalism you have all shown. We would also like to extend our best wishes to our other local businesses during this time.”

The new shop is doing its best to keep the local economy thriving, not only buying freshly caught local fish and seafood, but sourcing other ingredients from local shops.

One example is their promotion of the right wine and spirits to accompany oven-ready meals, with the help of the new Island Spirit store on Cromwell Street.

If customer comments are anything to go by, the recipe is just right for a thriving business to grow. One happy customer last week said: “Wow! We have just finished partaking of your delicious seafood platter. It far exceeded our expectations. Every mouthful was a joy. This was our first, but it certainly won’t be our last!”

 Pictures show the new premises lit up for dark afternoons,  Woody and Sean at the counter, and last week’s mouth-watering luxury seafood platter.