With the weather doing as much to keep people indoors as Covid regulations, the idea of settling down with a good book has gripped many.

In Harris, there’s a fine selection of books and DVDs which are free to collect, thanks to the re-opening of the Kyles Book Swap Box on Wednesday (6 January).

Already a firm favourite with residents of Tarbert and Scalpay, the box has kept up a brisk turnover of pre-loved reads since the start of the first lockdown in March.

Yesterday’s update at


shows a selection of paperbacks, from classics to light reading, and DVDs of a range of films.

The ‘secret’ creator of the idea said: “I’ve always been an avid reader and like to recommend and encourage folk to read more.

“I thought starting a local book swap would be a good thing for the community. I have the book box situated outside my fence. The rules are simple. Take a book and leave a book – there is a bottle of hand sanitizer inside the box.

“I’m four miles out of Tarbert and a few houses before the Scalpay bridge. If you drive past the telephone box you’ve just passed my house. The Caolas gallery is across the road from me.”

Meanwhile a social media reading club has been launched in Lewis, with the private Facebook group Lost in a Book in Lewis.

Members post their recommendations and ideas for good reads and offer book swaps to other members.

Pictures show yesterday’s updated contents in the Kyles Book Swap Box.