A new set of vicious scams, targeting the most vulnerable people, is circulating by telephone across the Islands.

That's the warning today (Monday January 11)  from Trading Standards Officers at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

They are advising residents that there are currently two very similar 'HMRC' and 'Broadband telephone' scams circulating locally.

An automated call, claims that they are a court official preparing a case against you, and asks you to respond as a matter of urgency, or that your response is "time sensitive".

This is a trick scammers use to put people under pressure to respond, before they have time to think. One caller states they are preparing for your arrest.

These calls are clearly scams to get people to give personal and financial details and it's feared some residents may be scared or frightened into responding due to the formal and urgent nature of the call.

A CnES spokesperson said: "Our best advice is to end the call immediately."

Scam calls can be reported to Trading Standards on 01851 822694.