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We are all aware these days of the need to reduce our environmental footprint. We try to cut down our use of single-use plastic, we put our glass and paper in the recycle bin, and we might make compost at home.

But what do we do with our unwanted clothes? The charity shops have been doing a wonderful job for years of selling on many of our good quality but redundant garments, and other textiles have been sent to the mainland or beyond for reprocessing. Despite this, a substantial proportion of our discarded clothing ends up in landfill.

In Point, a new community group is trying to explore some local solutions to this widespread problem. The Old Shop Bayble, opened last autumn, exchanging, or selling donated items, and stocking an ever-growing range of local crafts and specialist eco-friendly products. There has been regular interest in acquiring second-hand children’s and adult’s clothes, but this has been far outstripped by the interest in donating volumes of no-longer-needed garments.

With generous funding from the Crown Estates, the community group plans to repurpose this valuable but underused resource by reworking old clothes and textiles into new, contemporary garments and other items.

Three temporary 30 week contracts will shortly be awarded to a designer, a project assistant and a media and communications specialist, to develop, produce and promote an exciting new brand of clothing, toys and/or household textiles which will be available for sale online and at the Old Shop Bayble, and expressions of interest are sought for these contracts by Monday the 22nd March.

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