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The Hebridean Mustard Company, based in Leverburgh, has announced a new collaboration with The Scottish Bee Company.

From now on, the Isle of Harris mustard producer will use Scottish Bee Company’s selection of award-winning, flavourful honey, which evokes a sense of Scotland's unspoilt wilderness, in its artisan mustard production.

“It is estimated that around a third of all food depends on pollination by bees and insects. Worldwide, the population of these small but vital pollinators is declining and more and more efforts needs to be made to stop global bee and insect mortality," says The Scottish Bee Company.

The Scottish Bee Company donates 10p from every jar of honey purchased to Repollinate, a sister charity that aims to protect all types of pollinators through wildflower areas and education programmes.

"We put a lot of emphasis on the naturalness and quality of our ingredients", says Heike Winter , founder of The Hebridean Mustard Company.

"One of our taste secrets using premium organic and local ingredients in our gourmet mustards. We had been looking for a local honey producer for some time who can assure us of a continuous supply of high quality Scottish honey.

"We are delighted to be able to source another key ingredient for our artisan mustards locally through our partnership with The Scottish Bee Company."

The Hebridean Mustard Company was established in September 2017 and is based in Leverburgh, Isle of Harris. Its Mustheb brand products are available directly from the roadside at the wee blue mustard shack in Leverburgh, in selected delis and online. (