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Two crewmen were airlifted from their fishing vessel off Barra on Wednesday evening (14 April) after suffering serious injuries while working.

The two men, aged 17 and 33, were working aboard the Castlebay registered vessel Osha (VY141) 12 nautical miles south-east of Barra when they both suffered crush injuries to the torso.

Another crewman called Stornoway Coastguard operations centre at 8.54pm and the RNLI Barra lifeboat was launched to their assistance at 8.57pm.

Also tasked were Coastguard search and rescue helicopters R948 from Stornoway, and R199, usually stationed at Prestwick, but on exercise in the Western Isles at the time.

The nature of the men’s injuries meant that they had to be airlifted separately, and lifeboat crew members had to transfer aboard the vessel to help the helicopter winch crews complete the lifts safely.

The men were taken to hospital in Glasgow for treatment and all emergency crews were released and ready for further duties by 2am on Thursday.

Pictures show Prestwick Coastguard rescue helicopter R199 (Jason Spinks) and Barra RNLI Lifeboat (Barra Island RNLI).