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Scotland’s ancient CalMac fleet urgently needs to be replaced and there are jobs across our country that need to be protected. That's the view of Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.

"Nicola Sturgeon has somehow managed a system where a Scottish yard, supporting Scottish jobs and owned by the Scottish Government failed to even make the shortlist to build ferries for Scotland."

This refers to recent tenders for two new ferries on the routes to Islay. 

"That a Scottish Government-owned company can’t win a Scottish Government contract to build ships is a national scandal that is now an international humiliation. 

"This government has no strategy to expand services, no fleet to meet Scotland’s needs and no plan to fix the problem. 

"The Cal-Mac-CMAL model isn’t working, it isn’t fit for purpose and must be replaced. 

"But it isn't just ferries which highlight the failure of the Scottish Government. 

"We've seen them create jobs for China providing steel for the Queensferry crossing, jobs for Indonesia supplying wind turbines. 

"And now jobs for Turkey, Romania or Poland to provide our ferries. 

"It is time for the First Minister to - in her own words -  'come down on the side of a Scottish industry, a Scottish shipyard and Scottish jobs'. 

"Because the harsh reality is the only thing being manufactured in SNP Scotland is grievance."