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 1. The Lordship of the Isles by I.F. Grant. Wanderings in the Lost Lordship. H.B. Published in 1935. 1st Edition. Contents: Crinan and the Kingdom of Dalriada, Iona, The Continuity of Its Traditions, Colonsay, The Vikings and the Gall Gadhael, Morvern, Somerled, The Lordship of the Isles In Relation to the King and to its vassals, Arran: The Closed Door, Connel Ferry and the Lordship of Lorn, Knapdale: The Lordships Feudal Setting, Kintyre, Islay: The Centre of the Lordship, An Island Cruise. 514 Pages. Includes a newspaper cutting about Finlaggan Castle, a Pamphlet IF Grant Memorial Appeal and an article from the Scots Magazine from January 2008. H.B £65

2.   The Lordship of the Isles. Wanderings in the Lost Lordship by I.F. Grant. H.B. With D/J Published in 1935. 1stEdition. 10 Chapters as above. 514 Pages. £65

3.  More Leaves From My Game Book by Augustus Grimble. H.B. Fully Rebound Published in 1917. A diary from the Years 1899 to 1916. Includes 45 Illustrations. 270 Pages. Only 250 Copies of this book were printed. £100

4. An Etymological Glossary of Some Place Names of Shetland by James Stout Angus. H.B. Published in 1910. 1stEdition. 76 Pages. £85

5. Memoirs of a Highland Lady. The Autobiography of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus Afterwards Mrs Smith of Baltiboys 1797-1830. Edited by Lady Strachey. H.B. First Published in 1898, this Edition is from 1911. 22 Chapters, Ilustrations, Notes, Index. 427 Pages. £45

6. Jura Red Deer.  Some Account of Jura Red Deer. Facsimilie Reprint of the book originally published in 1890 by H. Evans. H.B. Published in 1993. Only 200 copies were printed of which this is no 9. 38 Pages. £65

7. The Crofter In History by Dalriad. H.B. Published in 1885. Contents: 7 Chapters: Decline of Feudalism, Powers of a Chief Under the Clan System, Conditions of the Highlands and Islands in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Conditions of the Highlands and Islands During The Eighteenth Century, Buchanan’s Account of the Western Hebrides, 1782, Origin of the Modern Crofter, The Policy of Sheep Walks. 104 Pages. £65

8.  Wild Nature in Strathearn by D.J. Thomson. Illustrated. H.B. Published in 1902. 16 Chapters. 184 Pages. £85

9. The Highland Sportsman by Robert Hall. A comprehensive Guide to the Highlands of Scotland For the Sportsmen and Tourist. With Map and Numerous Illustrations. Corrected, Revised and Enlarged. H.B Published in 1883. Contents include; General Description, Area, Concerning Guns, Dogs. The Deer Forests, Concerning Game, Close Time for Game, Concerning Angling, Close Time for Salmon, Fisheries Commisioners, The Great Landowners, Principal Places, Post and Telegraph Officers, Railway Stations, Mileage of Railways, Coaches, Steamers, Hotels and Tariffs, Sportsman’s Calendar, Different areas are covered and shootings. Includes Adverts. 236 Pages. £85

10. The Verge of the Scottish Highlands by William T.Palmer. Illustrated with 32 Photographs by Robert M. Adam. 43 Chapters. 335 Pages. £65

11. The Lady of Hirta. A Tale of the Isles by W.C. Mackenzie. H.B. Published in 1905. 1st Edition. Twenty Three Chapters. 323 Pages. £35

12. The General Turnpike Road Act, 3 Geo. IV. Cap. 126. With an Appendix of Forms and The Standing Orders of Both Houses of Parliament with respect to Private Road Bills, &c. TO Which Are added An Index and Notes by J.Bateman Esq of Lincoln’s Inn. Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1823. 126 Pages. £85

13. Memories of Skye. 36 Camera Studies in Sepia Tone, Reproduced from Exclusive Copyright Negatives. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown.  £45

14. The Blue Guides Scotland. Edited by L. Russell Muirhead. With Complete Atlas of Scotland and 34 other Maps and Plans. H.B. Published in 1949. This Third Impression is from 1956. Contents Include; A Summary of Scottish History, Rulers of Scotland, Glossary of Lowland Scots, Glossary of Gaelic Roots, Books About Scotland, Railways and Other Conveyances, Postal, Hotels, Motoring, General Hints, Routes to Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Southern Scotland, Stirling, Perth and the Perthshire Highlands, Fife, Aberdeen and Eastern Scotland, Oban and Western Scotland, Northern Scotland and the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, Maps & Plans. 453 Pages. £45

15. Notes and Sketches Illustrative of Northern Rural Life in the Eighteenth Century by the Author of Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk.  H.B. Published in 1877. 26 Chapters and Appendix. 221 Pages. £65

16. Memorials of the Bass Rock by Robert MacGregor.  H.B. Published in 1881. Contents: St Baldred of the Bass, The Lauders of the Bass - Early Annals of the Rock, The Fortress Annals till 1650, Church Records sent to Bass, The Killing Time, The Prisoners 1673-1677 Gillespie, Peden Bell Dick, The Captives of 1677, From 1678 to the Revolution, The Siege of the Bass, Natural History of the Bass.  136 Pages. £85

17. Souvenir of the Highlands With Guide Book. Tourists Guide to the Trossachs. And Guide to Loch Lomond. H.B. Date of Printing Unknown. 13 Chapters on the Trossachs, 7 Chapters on Loch Lomond. 23 Photographs. 78 Pages. £65

18. Arthur Anderson A Founder of the P&0 Company by John Nicolson. H.B. Published in 1932. 9 Chapters and Illustrations. The original book was published in 1914, but this is a revised and updated edition. 110 Pages. £35

19. The Marine Algae of the Orkney Islands by George W. Traill. Reprinted from the Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh Vol.   XVIII.  Printed in 1890. Booklet type Publication. 43 Pages. £35

20.Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Arbroath Celebration. On Tuesday, 22nd June, 1897. A Record of the Day’s Proceedings, with Portraits of Prominent Citizens, Photographs of Public Buildings.  H.B. Published in 1897. 104 Pagers plus numerous pages of Photographs. £65


21. Land of the Mountain and the Flood  Scottish Scenes and Scenery Delineated by Rev James Marrat. H.B Dtae of Printing Unknown. 224 Pages. £85


22. A Sketch of the Geology of Fife and the Lothians Including Detailed Descriptions of Arthur’s Seat and Pentland Hills by Charles Maclaren. H.B. Published in 1839. This looks like a reprint but not dated.  Contents: Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill, Castle Hill, Lower Basin of the Forth, Pentland Hills, Theory of the Hills, Geological Age of the Hills, Alluvial Phenomenia in Pentland Hills and Mid Lothian Generally, Rise in the Bed of the Forth.  235 Pages and includes Maps. £45


23. The Camera Series Album of Inverness Views. H.B. Date of printing unknown. 14 Photographs. £25


24. Forestry Commission. Britain’s Forests -Culbin. H.B. Published in 1949. 17 Pages. £20


25. Little Journey’s to Scotland and Ireland. H.B. Published in 1901. For Intermediate and Upper Grades. Scotland by Clara E. Whitcomb. Ireland by Marian M. George. Includes journeys to Orkney, Shetland and St Kilda. 82 Pages. £25


26. Scientific Survey of Aberdeen and District. Prepared for the Aberdeen Meeting 1934. By Various Authors. H.B. Published in 1934. 18 Chapters in Total. 123 Pages. £45


27.A Topographical Descripton of the Middle Division of Scotland. Consisting of the Following Counties: Nairn, Murray, Banff, Aberdeen, Mearns, Angus, Perth, Fife, Kinross, Clackmannan, Stirling, Dunbarton, Argyll, Bute. H.B. Date of printing unknown. It has been fully rebound. 288 Pages. £45


28. The New Deeside Guide by James Brown. P.B. Published in 1876. With Copious Notes and Additions. 126 Pages and a Map. 126 Pages. £85


29. Bradshaw’s Tours Through the Northern Counties of Hertford, Buckingham, Northampton, Warwick, Stafford, Chester, Lancaster, York, Cumberland, Westmoreland, Northumberland, Dumfries, Lanark, Ayr, and the Northern Counties of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1861. 2nd Edition. Couple of Hundred Pages and Maps. £65


30. A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland by Samuel Johnson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1924. With an Introduction by John Freeman. 240 Pages. £45


31. Official Programme of the Victory Celebrations 8th June 1946.  Booklet 18 Pages. £15


32. Annals and Recollections of Sunart by Alastair Cameron ‘North Argyll’ P.B. Published in 1961. Contents: Salen to Woodend, Woodend to Strontian, and Two Appendixes. 72 Pages. £15


33. Saint Magnus of The Orkneys. Booklet, printed in 1887. 32 Pages. £20


34. The Population of Orkney 1755-1961. A Record of the Parishes and Islands by Robert S. Barclay. Booklet, printed in 1965. Contents: Introduction, The County as a Whole, The Mainland Parishes, The North Isles, The South Isles, The Two Burghs, Summary. 28 Pages. £20


35. The Island parish of Jura by John D. Porteous. Booklet, printed in 1968. Reprinted from the Scottish Geographical Magazine Vol 84. No 1, April 1968. 14 Pages. £12


36. Donald M’Leod’s Gloomy Memories in the Highlands of Scotland Versus Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Sunny Memories In (England) A Foreign Land: Or a Faithful Picture of the Extirpation of the Celtic Race From the Highlands of Scotland. A Facsimilie copy of the 1892 Edition.  212 Pages. £25


37. ‘Pateas Amicis’ The Story of the House of Graemeshall In Orkney. H.B. Published in 1936. H.B. 64 Pages. £25


38. Memories of an Orkney Family by Henrietta Groundwater. Booklet, printed in 1967. 42 Pages. £20


39. The Gaelic Topography of Scotland and What It Proves, Explained; With Much Historical, Antiquarian, and Descriptive Information, Illustrated with Map. By James A. Robertson. H.B. Published in 1869. 17 Chapters. 544 Pages. £85


40. Familiar Scottish Animals by A. Nicol Simpson. H.B. Published in 1906. Contents: Land Animals, Sea Animals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Once Familiar Animals, Familiar Animal Haunts. 192 Pages. £35


41. Anderson’s Guide to Orkney. With Description of Ruined Orkney Churches and The Bells of St Magnus by the Late Sir Henry Dryden, Bart. P.B. Date of Printing Unknown. A new and updated Edition. 194 Pages. £25


42. Five Sermons Addressed to Emigrants On Subjects Relative to Their Future Religious Course And Duties To Which are Subjoined Prayers by James Fairlie. Booklet, Printed in 1852. 112 Pages. £25


43. A Shetland Minister of the Eighteenth Century being Paffages in the Life of Reverend John Mill AD 1712 -AD 1805.  Edited by John Willcock. Seven Chapters and Appendices. H.B. Published in 1897. 174 Pages. £85


44. Boswell’s Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides With Samuel Johnson, With Notes by Scott, Croker, Chambers, and Others. In Two Volumes. Vol 1. H.B. Published in 1906. 251 Pages. £25


45. Scenes and Stories of the North of Scotland by John Sinclair. With Three Coloured and Eight Lithograph Illustrations. New Edition. H.B. Published in 1891. Contents: Loch Duich, The Black Rock, The Island of Lewis, Assynt in Sutherland, The Caithness Coast, The Town of Thurso, The Shetland Islands. 242 Pages. £65


46. Funzie, Fetlar: A Shetland Run Rig Township in the Nineteenth Century by William P.L. Thomson. Reprinted from the Scottish Geographical Magazine Vol 86, No 3 December 1970. Booklet, 16 Pages. £12


47. The Prisoner of Papa Stoer. A Shetland Incident by John Nicolson. Booklet, 47 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown.  £20


48.  Standing Stones and Maeshowe of Stenness by Magnus Spence. With a plan of Maeshowe. Booklet, Date of Printing Unknown. 16 Pages. £15


49. The Cabinet Album Views of Edinburgh. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. £20


50. Photographs of Orkney by G.W. Wilson & Coy Aberdeen. H.B. Date of Printing Unknown. £20


51.Scapa Flow A Naval Retrospect by Captain  D.J. Munro. With an Introduction by Admiral Sir Herbert W. Richmond. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. Possibly about 1920. 14 Chapters, Illustrations and Index. 235 Pages. £65


52. The Cairngorms. The Scottish Mountaineering Club Guide. By Sir Henry Alexander. With Panoramas by H.C. Dugan, J.A. Parker, Gordon Wilson. Second Edition With Appendix by G.R. Symmers on New Climbs on Lochnagar and Notes on Other Ascents. H.B. Published in 1938. 20 Chapters, Appendices, Index and Illustrations. 232 Pages. £35


53. Caithness Events. A Discussion of Captain Kennedy’s Historical Narrative and An Account of the Broynach Earls To Which is added A Supplement of Emendations of 1899 by Thomas Sinclair. With Portrait and Appendix. Second Edition. Contents: The Kennedy Manuscripts’ Opening, A Bishop’s Death, The Cheyne Family, Keith and Gunn Feud, The Second Sinclair Earl of caithness, Battle of Summerdale in Orkney, John, Master of Caithness and his Father, Revenge on Justice, Pedigrees, Castles and the Caithness Estate, Battle of Altimarlach, The Breadalbane Rights in Caithness, The Broynach Question, Broynach and Janet Ewing, David, Earl James His Son, and Donald, James the Chamberlain and his Descendants. 3 Appendixes, Explanation. H.B Published in 1899. 198 Pages. £125


54. Morayshire Described. Being A Guide to Visitors Containing Notices of Ecclesiastical and Military Antiquities; Topographical Descriptions of the Principal Country Residences, Towns and Villages, and Genealogical Notes of the Leading Families in the County with Map and Illustrations by J & W. Watson. H.B. Published in 1868. Contents: Introduction, Ecclesiastical and Military Antiquities, Country Residences, The Town of Elgin, The Town of Forres, Villages, Guide to Visitors, Index. 350 Pages. £175


55. Arran And How To see It by the Rev David Landsborough, Kilmarnock. With Numerous Engravings on Wood, and Carefully Prepared Map. Fourth and Improved Edition. Booklet, Printed in 1896. 8 Chapters, front cover has bottom right hand corner torn out and cover shows other tears. Back cover also has tears., with bottom corner missing. 68 Pages. £20


56. Short sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands by Charles St John. H.B. Published in 1846. 36 Chapters, 281 Pages. £45


57. Shetland: Descriptive and Historical; Being A Graduation Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands; and A Geographical Description of that Country by Robert Cowie. H.B. Published in 1874. Second Edition. 56 Chapters in Total. 323 Pages. £65


58. Diary of Thomas Brown Writer in Kirkwall 1675-1693. Edited, With Preface and Notes by A. Francis Steuart, Advocate. H.B. Published in 1898. 72 Pages. £45


59. Ultima Thule or Orkney round the Shetland Islands. 2 Books Combined. A Lecture To Accompany A Set of Photographic Transparencies. 36 slides in total with a bit about each slide. Booklet, possibly printed late 1880’s -90’s. Cover very worn and some writing in pencil throughout. 23 Pages. £10


60.The Wondrous Isle of Staffa  Its History, Geology, Features and Associations by Donald B. MacCulloch. H.B. With D/J Published in 1957. Third Edition. Twelve Chapters, Appendixes and Index. Also includes Illustrations. 205 Pages. £25


61. St Kilda by Norman Heathcote. With 80 Illustrations From Sketches and Photographs of the People, Scenery and Birds by the Author. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1900, this edition was republished in 1985. Contents: St Kilda in the Past, St Kilda and the St Kildans, Boating and Climbing in St Kilda, The Birds of St Kilda, St Kilda in the Future. 229 Pages. Includes a newspaper review cutting from 1986, plus a pamphlet from the publishers about the book and a letter to the purchaser from the publishers. £45


62. Scottish Population Statistics Including Webster’s Analysis of Population  1755. Edited by James Gray Kyd. H.B. With D/J Originally Published in 1952, this reprint is from 1975. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Webster’s Census, 3 Appendixes and Index. 107 Pages. £25



63. Johnson’s Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland and Boswell’s Journal of a tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. Edited by R.W. Chapman. H.B With D/J Published in 1930. Contents: Introduction, A Journey to the Western Islands. The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides Contents of Journey and Tour, Indexes: Subjects, Names of Persons and Books, Names of Places. 447 Pages. £25


64. Boswell’s Life of Johnson. In Two Volumes. Volume II. 1776-1784. H.B Published in 1931. Contents: Life of Samuel Johnson (March 1776-December 1784), Index. 704 Pages. £25


65. The Cathedral and Royal Burgh of Kirkwall. By John Mooney. Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1947. Contents: Part One: The Church, Part Two: The Town, Part Three: The Earldom, 3 Appendixes and Illustrations. 251 Pages. £25


66. The Moray Floods. The Great Floods of August 1829, In the Province of Moray and Adjoining Districts by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart. With an Introductory Note by Miss Dick Lauder. Third Edition. H.B. Published in 1873. 26 Chapters, Concluding Remarks, Appendixes, Plates. 230 Pages. £45


67. Woods, Forests, and Estates of Perthshire With Sketches of the Principal Families in the County by Thomas Hunter. H.B. Published 1883. 1st Edition.  52 Chapters, Index to the Old and Notable Trees. Illustrations.  564 Pages. £85


68. The High Girders by John Prebble. ‘Appalling Catastrophe in Dundee’ H.B. Published in 1956. 1st Edition. Contents: Overture, Act One, Entr’acte, Act Two, Finale. Includes Illustrations. 219 Pages. £20


69. Scots Fisherfolk by Peter F. Anson. With Illustrations by the Author. H.B. Published in 1950. 1st Edition.8 Chapters, Maps, Comparative Statistical Tables for 1938 and 1948, Bibliography, Details of Old Types of Scottish Fishing Vessels, Index.  166 Pages. £30


70. The Topography of the Basin of the Tay. Intended as a Companion to the Map of the Basin of the Tay by James Knox. With Three Beautiful Engravings. H.B. Published in 1831. Includes a list of Subscribers to the Map and the Basin of the Tay. 236 Pages Plus Appendixes. £125


71. A New and Copiuos Vocabularly in Two parts: The First Part Consisting of English and Gaelic; The Second of Gaelic and English; With a few directions for reading the Gaelic, Both with the different parts of Speech, and In Alphabetical Order. By P. Macfarlane. H.B. Published in 1815. 152 Pages. £85


72. A Pronouncing and Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language. Gaelic -English English Gaelic by Malcolm Maclennan D.D. H. B. Published in 1925. 1st Edition. 613 Pages. £65


73. On The Hills of the North by J. Hubert Walker. H.B. Published in 1948. 1st Edition. Contents: The Northern Highlands, The North West Highlands, The West Highlands, A Part of the Central Highlands, The Cuillin and the Small Isles, Appendices, Photographs and Sketch Maps. 182 Pages. £65


74. Fishing Boats and Fishing Folk On the East Coast of Scotland. Written and Illustrated by Peter F. Anson. H.B. Published 1930. 1st Edition. Contents: Historical Notes on the Fisheries of the East Coast of Scotland, Methods of Fishing, Types of Fishing Craft on the East Coast of Scotland, Religion and Superstition, Berwickshire, The Lothians, Fife, Angus, The Mearns, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire (1), Banffshire (11),Moray and Nairn, Ross and Cromarty, Sutherland & Caithness, Appendices: Statistical Tables, Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations in Colour and Black and White. 294 Pages. £65


75. James Fraser Laird of Brea. Parish Minister of Culross Bass Rock, Blackness, and Newgate Prisoner, and Author of ‘The Book of the Intricacies of my Heart and Life’ By Alexander Whyte. H.B. Published in 1911. 28 Chapters, Illustrations. 273 Pages. £85


76.  A Glossary of the Shetland Dialect by James Stout Angus. H.B. Published in 1914. 1st Edition. 170 Pages. £65


77.The School Gaelic Dictionary. Prepared for the Use of Learners of The Gaelic Language by Malcolm Macfarlane. H.B. Published in 1912. 1st Edition. 189 Pages. £35


78. Nether Locahber The Natural History, Legends and Folk Lore of the West Highlands by The Rev Alexander Stewart. H.B. Published in 1883. 63 Chapters. 417 Pages. £45


79. Seaweed Utilisation by Lily Newton. With Contributions by J.B. Speakman, S.M. Marshall, A.P. Orr, K.A. Pyefinch, M. Knight. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. Includes Figures and Plates. 9 Chapters, Appendixes and Glossary. 188 Pages. £35


80. A Bibliography of Caithness With Notes by John Mowat. H.B Published in 1940. Contents: Books and Pamphlets Relating to Caithness, Law Cases Connected With Caithness, List of Books and Pamphlets printed or published in Caithness, A Classified List of Magazine and Periodical Articles Relating to Caithness, A List of Authors Connected With Caithness. 178 Pages. £45


81. Esquisse De La Geographie Et De La Vegetation Des Highlands D’Ecosse Par Marcel Hardy University College Dundee. P.B. Published in 1905. This book is in the French Language. 184 Pages and Index. £85


82. The Island Clans During Six Centuries by The Rev Canon R.C. Macleod of Macleod. Contents: The Norse Occupation of the Hebrides, The Clan System, The Clansmen, Home Life, Internal and External Warfare, Scottish Kings and Island Chiefs, The Passing of the Old Order, Employment and Unemployment, A West Highland Estate During Four Centuries, Some Island Folklore, Index. 187 Pages. £65


83. Grammar and Usage of the Shetland Dialect by T.A. Robertson and John J. Graham. Booklet, Printed in 1952. 10 Chapters, Glossary -Index on Spelling. 46 Pages. £35


84. The Flora of the Clyde Area. A Handbook of the Flowering Plants And Ferns Occurring Wild or Established Within the Drainage Area Of the River and Firth of Clyde by John R. Lee. H.B. Published in 1933. 33 Chapters and Index. 391 Pages. £45


85. Smuggling in the Solway and Around the Galloway sea board by Maxwell Hood. Illustrated by John Copland. H.B. Published in 1908. Twelve Chapters, Appendixes and Index. 208 Pages. £35


86. A Nook in Galloway by Thomas Newbigging. H.B. Published in 1911. 100 Pages. £35


87. Highways & Byways in Galloway & Carrick by C.H. Dick. With Illustrations by Hugh Thomson. H.B. Published in 1938. Second Edition.  36 Chapters, Notes on Ptolemy’s Place Names, Notes on the Galloway Church Window, Notes on the Galloway Hydro Electric Scheme, Index. Includes Illustrations. 558 Pages. £25


88. The Field Club Flora of The Lothians by the Botanical Committee of the Edinburgh Natural History Society. Edited by Isa. H. Martin. With Descriptions, Keys, Ecological Lists, Illustrated Glossary, and Map of the Lothians. H.B. Published in 1934. 318 Pages. £45


89. Poems Lyrics and Sketches by David Vedder. With Essay on his Life and Writings By Rev George Gilfillan. Published by William Peace & Son Kirkwall. Not Dated. 370 Pages. £35


90. A Description Of the Isles of Orkney by The Rev James Wallace. Minister of Kirkwall. Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1693, with Illustrative Notes from an interleaved copy in the Library of the University of Edinburgh formerly the property of Malcolm Laing, the Scottish Historian, together with the additions made by the Author’s son, in the Edition of 1700. Edited by John Small. H.B. Published in 1883. Includes newspaper cuttings about the book. 251 Pages. £150


91. The Flora of Uig (Lewis) A Botanical Exploration. Edited by M.S. Campbell. H.B. Published in 1945. 9 Chapters, Explanation of Plates.  63 Pages. £45


92. Scottish Motor Tours. No 1 Edinburgh. Contains text and Photographs of all the local tours. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. £65


93.A Scots Dialect Dictionary. Comprising The Words in Use From the Latter Part of the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day. Compiled by Alexander Warrack. With an Introduction and a Dialect Map by William Grant. H.B. Published in 1911. 717 Pages. £65


94. The Flora of Forfarshire by William Gardiner. H.B. Published in 1848. 348 Pages. £125


95. Galloway The Spell of its Hills & Glens by Andrew McCormick. To Which is Added The Geology of the Merrick Region by R.J.A Eckford. With 25 Illustrations and Map. H.B. With D/J Published in  1937 (Second Cheaper Edition)23 Chapters In Total, Epilogue, Outline of Walks, Index. 283 Pages. £25


96. Sketches of the Coasts and Islands of Scotland and of The Isle of Man. Descriptive of the Scenery and Illustrative of The Progressive Revolution in the Economical, Moral and Social Condition of the Inhabitants of those regions in Two Volumes By Lord Teignmouth. H.B. Published in 1836. Volume I has Thirteen Chapters, appendixes and Etymology of Names of Places derived from Gaelic. 322 Pages. Volume Two: Twenty Six Chapters, Appendixes. 426 Pages. £250 for the Two Volumes.


97. Glasgow. Sketches by Various Authors. Edited by J. Graham Kerr. British Association for the Advancement of Science. H.B. Published in 1928. 18 Chapters and Illustrations. 357 Pages. £35


98. Handbook & Guide to Dundee and District. Prepared for the Members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science on the occasion of their visits to Dundee, under the direction of the Local Publications Committee. A.W. Paton Editor of Section I, A.H. Millar Editor of Section II. Contents: Social Services and City Problems, Public Services, As an Educational Centre, Industrial and Commercial Life, Biographical, Scientific, Art in Dundee. Maps and Illustrations. 683 Pages. £35


99. General View of the Agriculture of the Northern Counties of Scotland; Including the Counties of Cromarty, Ross, Sutherland, and Caithness and the Islands of Orkney and Shetland. With Observations on the Means of their Improvements by Sir John Sinclair, Bart. H.B. Published in 1795. Fully Rebound. Contents: Preliminary Observations, Cromarty, Ross, Sutherland, Caithness, Orkney Isles, Shetland Isles, Conclusion, Appendix. 281 Pages. £250


100.The Scottish Naturalist: A Magazine of Scottish Natural History Edited by F. Buchanan White. Volume I. 1871-1872. H.B. Published in 1872. 384 Pages. £35


101.Shetland: Descriptive and Historical: Being a Graduation Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands; and A Topographical Description of that County by Robert Cowie. Second Edition With Map and Illustrations. H.B. Published in 1874. 56 Chapters in Total. 323 Pages. £65


102. Ailsa Craig: Its History and Natural History by the Rev R. Lawson. P.B. Published in 1888. This is a reprint from 1997. Nine Chapters. 80 Pages. £20


103. The Place Names of Arran by Ronald Currie, Skelmorlie. H.B. Published in 1908. 95 Pages. £45


104. The Cairngorm Mountains by John Hill Burton. H.B. Published in 1864. 120 Pages. £45


105. The Parish of Lerwick 1701-1901 An Ecclesiastical Sketch by James. M. Crawford. H.B. Published in 1901. 7 Chapters, Appendices and Illustrations. 95 Pages. £65


106.Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands by Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe. Illustrated from Designs by Hammatt Billings. In Two Volumes, Vol I. Eighteen Chapters. 326 Pages. £65


107. Galloway Gossip or the Southern Albanaich 80 Years Ago by R.De Bruce Trotter. H.B. Published in 1901. 12 Chapters and Index. 477 Pages. £85


108. Isle of Arran by Rev Charles A. Hall. H.B. Published in 1912. Five Chapters, Index, Introduction. 62 Pages. £45


109. Island Going to the Remoter Isles, Chiefly Uninhabited, off the North West Corner of Scotland by Robert Atkinson. Contents: Handa Island, North Rona- Shiant Isles- Canna, Flannan Isles, North Rona, Eigg, North Uist, Monach Isles, St Kilda, Sulasgeir, Lewis Remembered, The Hebrides Regained. Includes Illustrations and Plates. 384 Pages. £35


110. The Geology of Arran by G.W. Turell. H.B. Published in 1928. 18 Chapters, Bibliography, Index and Illustrations. 292 Pages. £65


111.Baily’s Magazine of Sports & Pastimes. Volume The Forty Second. H.B. Published in 1884. Includes Plates. 454 Pages. £45


112. Baily’s magazines of Sports and Pastimes. Volume Forty Three. 1885. 446 Pages. Includes Plates. £45


113. A Perthshire Naturalist: Charles Macintosh of Inver by Henry Coates, F.S.A. Scot. Introduction by J. Arthur Thomson. With a Chapter on Scottish Folk Music by Herbert Wiseman. Illustrated with a map of Central Strathtay, 41 Sepia Reproductions of Portraits and views around Inver, and 14 Musical Compositions. H.B. Published in 1923. 15 Chapters, 2 Appendixes, Index. 244 Pages. £65


114. Scottish Estate Tweeds. Johnstons of Elgin. By EP Harrison H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. Contents: Introduction, Preface, The Story of Scottish Estate Tweeds, The story of Johnstons of Elgin, The Estate Tweed Plates, A Glossary of Spinning and Weaving Terms, Index. Includes a large Selection of Photographs. 192 Pages. £20


115. The Scottish Naturalist. A Quarterly Magazine of Natural Science. Edited by J.W.H. Trail. Volume II New Series. 1885-86. 384 Pages. £30


116. Northern Lichts. An Anthology of Shetland Verse & Prose. Compiled and Edited by John J. Graham and T.A. Robertson. H.B. Published in 1964. Contents: Foreword, Acknowledgements, Verse, Songs With Music, Prose, Notes on Authors. 60 Pages. £25


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177. Leigh’s New Pocket Road Book of Scotland. Containing an Account of All the Direct and Cross Roads Together with A Description of every Remarkable Place, Its Curiosities, Manufactures, Commerce, Population and Principal Inns; To Which are added Pleasure Tours To the Most Picturesque parts of the Country. Illustrated with A Panorama of the remarkable objects in Edinburgh and a Map of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1829. 384 Pages. £175


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201. The Guidebook To Isle of Skye And Adjacent Islands by Alexander Nicolson. Numerous Illustrations, Map and Descriptive Tours Throughout the Island. P.B. Date of Printing Not Given. Contents: Introduction, Gateway To Skye, Derivation of Name, Skye, Portree, The Trotternish Tour, Duirinish, Minginish, Soay, The Cuillins, The Braes, Sconser, Luib, etc, The Broadford District, Raasay, Rona, History, Geology, Literature, Illustrations. 120 Pages. £35


202. Gunsmoke at Graemeshall. Glimpses of Orkney before the ‘45 by R.P. Fereday. Booklet, printed in 1978. Reprinted from articles which appeared in “The Orcadian” in 1976 and 1977. 35 Pages. £15


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205.The Scotch Itinerary, Containing The Roads through Scotland on a New Plan. With Copiuos Observations for the Instruction and Entertainment of Travellers and A Complete Index by James Duncan. With a Beuatiful Map. H.B. Published in 1805. Contents: Aberdeen, Arbroath, Ayr, Banff, Berwick, Beauly, Boroughbridge, Carlisle, Coldstream, Cupar Fife, Dingwall, Dumfries, Dundee, Dunferemline, Dungisbay Head, Dunkeld, Edinburgh, Eyemouth, Falkirk, Fort Augustus, Fort George, Fort William, Glasgow, Greenlaw, Greenock, Jedburgh, Inverary, Inverness, Kilmarnock, Lanark, Manchester, Montrose, Newburgh, Northallerton, Perth, Port Patrick, St Andrews, Stirling, Stonehaven, Whithorn, Wigton, York. 62 Pages. £350 


206.The Scottish Tourist and Itinerary ; or A Guide to the Scenery and Antiquities of Scotland and the Western Islands with a description of the Principal Steam Boats Tours. Fourth Edition. With very considerable additions and improvements Illustrated by Maps, Views and Engraved Routes. H.B. Published in 1832. Contents: Altitude of Mountains, Statistics of Scotland, Edinburgh, First Tour, Notes, Second Tour, Notes, Third Tour, Notes, Fourth Tour, Notes, Guide to the Principal Steam Boat Tours. 432 Pages. £200


207. Jottings About Birds by Charles Dixon. With Coloured frontispiece by F. Smit. H.B. Published in 1893. Contents: The Birds of Algeria, Representative Species, Remarks on the Song and Notes on Birds, The Cuckoo and His Kindred, The Bass Rock and Its Birds, A Visit to St Kilda, The Artist’s Birds, In Devonshire Lanes, Natural Selection and the Nesting of Birds. 239 Pages. £85


208.Good Words for 1884. Edited by Donald Macleod D.D. One of Her Majesty’s Chaplains for Scotland. H.B. Published in 1884. Contents: Serial Stories, Biographical and Historical Papers, Out of Door Papers, Religious Papers Biblical and Practical, Science, Social and Philanthropic, Travel, Miscellaneous, Poetry. Includes Illustrations. 860 Pages. £85


209. Monro’s Western Isles of Scotland And Genealogies of The Clans 1549 Edited From a Hitherto Unpublished MS. With Introduction and Notes By R.W. Munro. H.B. With D/J Published in 1961. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, The Islands, The Author, The Book, Monro’s Western Isles, Appendixes; The Council of the Isles, Identifying the Islands, Principal Sources, Glossary, Index. 172 Pages. Includes newspaper cuttings with a review of the book. £45


210. The Geology of the Island of Arran from Original Survey by Andrew Crombie Ramsay. Illustrated by Engravings. H.B. Published in 1841. 6 Chapters and Explanation of the Sections. 78 Pages. £125


211. Arran of the Bens The Glens & The Brave By Mackenzie Macbride, F.S.A. (Scot) With Illustrations in Colour by J. Lawton Wingate, R.S.A. P.B With Rubber Cover Published in 1910. Contents: The Charm of Arran, Historical Remains, Arran in the Eighteenth Century, The Brandani, Our Early Ancestors in Arran, Arran -The Battle Ground of The Viking Age, The Days of Wallace, How the Arran Men Sheltered King Robert Bruce, What the Brandanes Did For the Stewarts, The Later Lords of Arran. Illustrations Reproduced from Oil Paintings by J. Lawton Wingate. 231 Pages. £125


212.The History of the Kirkwall United Presbyterian Congregation. From Its Formation in 1796 to its Union With the Free Church in 1900 by the Rev David Webster. H.B. Published in 1910. Contents: The Introduction of Dissent Into Orkney, The Congregation Under Mr Broadfoot’s Ministry, Congregations Formed in Orkney During Mr Broadfoot’s Time, The Congregation During the Vacancy, 1817-1820, The Congregation Under Mr Paterson, Congregations Formed in Orkney During Dr Paterson’s Time, The Joint Pastorate, The Congregation Under Mr Webster’s Ministry From 1870-1896, Kirkwall United Presbyterian Church Centenary Celebration Services, Closing Years of Mr Websters Ministry, Appendices. Includes Illustrations. 328 Pages. £85


213. “The Lone Sheiling” Or Boatsong of Highlander Exiles. Transcribed From Blackwood Of September 1899 By Walter G.F. Dewar With a Musical Setting Composed by Alan Burr And Renderings In Greek Verse by Harold A. Perry And in Latin by Lord Francis Hervey and  a Critical Inquiry by the last named Into the Authorship of the Poem. H.B. Originally Published in 1925, this Edition Published in 1931. This was a presentation copy to Seton Gordon in November 1931. Includes Illustrations. 27 Pages. £25


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H.B. Published in 1836. Thirteen Chapters, Five Appendixes. 426 Pages. £45


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254. Notice of a Charter of Confirmation By King Frederick The Third of Denmark and Norway (1662) and Other Documents in the Norse Language Relating to Shetland by Gilbert Goudie. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 45 Pages. A presentation copy signed by the Author. £30


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267. Eilean a’ Cheo. A Factual Record of an Island & its People. Annals of Skye. Compiled by Donald Gillies. 5  in Total, covering the years 1939-40, 1941-42, 1943-44, 1945-46, 1947-48. A5 Size Publications. £45 for the 5 Editions.


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289. Fishermen of Durness. H.B. Privately Printed in 1936. 13 Pages. By T.C. Lethbridge. Includes an Obituary from the Times of the Author dated 1971. £45 (Scarce)


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291. Notes on Orkney and Zetland Illustrative of The History, Antiquities, Scenery and Customs of Those Islands By Alexander Peterkin Esq, Sheriff Substitute of Orkney. Volume I. H.B. Published in 1822. Contents: Part I: A Visit to Orkney in 1818, Part II; a Chronicle of Orkney and Zetland, Part III. Political State of Orkney and Zetland. 9 Appendices. 224 Plus pages. £65


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294. Studies of Nature on the Coast of Arran by George Milner. With Illustrations by W. Noel. Johnson. H.B. Published in 1894. This Publication was privately Printed and only 75 copies were printed of which this is Number 16. Seventeen Chapters, Index of Quotations, Miscellanous Notes, Index. List of Illustrations with Full Page Copper Plates. 189 Pages. £250


295. Evil Eye in the Western Highlands by R.C. Maclagan. H.B. Published in 1902. 52 Chapters, Appendix, Index. 232 Pages. £85


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299. The Popular Superstitions and Festive Amusements of the Highlanders of Scotland by William Grant Stewart. New Edition. H.B. Published in 1851. The Book is in Seven Parts: Part I: Ghosts, Part II, Fairies, Part III. Brownies Part IV Water Kelpies, Part V Spunkies, Part VI Witchcraft, Part VII Highland Festive Amusements. 203 Pages. Includes a newspaper Cutting from the Daily News May 18 1878.  £65


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309. Iona by Elizabeth A. McHardy. Booklet, printed in 1891. Contents: Iona, Staffa, St Columba’s, St Columba’s Hymn, Succession of the Abbots of Iona. Includes Illustrations and a Newspaper Cutting from 1979 about the Purchase of the Island by the Sir Hugh Fraser Foundation and being donated to the National Trust for Scotland. 48 Pages. £30


310. Strathfillan and Glendochart In Bygone Days. Being Notes Upon The Legends and History of Crianlarich, Tyndrum and the Neighbourhood. Booklet, no date given of when printed. 17 Chapters. 54 Pages. £30


311. St Columba of Iona 521-597A.D. By Lucy Menzies. Booklet, printed in 1935. 12 Chapters, 84 Pages. £25


312. Handbook and Guide to The “Misty Isle of Skye”. Preface by Kenneth Macrae. 13 Chapters. 80 Pages. £25


313. Frederic Llewellyn Deane Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney by W.G. Sinclair Snow. H.B. Published in 1953. Eight Chapters. 2 Appendices. 116 Pages. £30


314. Shetland Descriptive and Historical Being A graduation Thesis On the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands; And A Topographical Description of that Country by Robert Cowie. With a Map and Illustrations. Part I Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands and has 16 Chapters. Part II Deals with a Topographical Account of Shetland and has 31 Chapters. Includes, Notes and References and an Appendix. 309 Pages. £125


315. Shetland Descriptive and Historical Being a Graduation Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands; A Topographical Description of that County by Robert Cowie. With Map and Illustrations.  Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1874. Part I Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands and has 16 Chapters. Part II Deals with a Topographical Account of Shetland and has 31 Chapters. Includes Notes and References and an Appendix. 309 Pages. £65


316. Memoirs Of the Geological Survey Scotland. The Geology of Caithness (Sheets 110 and 116, with Parts of 109, 115 and 117) By C.B. Crampton and R. G. Carruthers With Contributions by John Horne, B.N. Peach, John S. Flett and K.M. Anderson. P.B. Published in 1914. 15 Chapters, Appendix, Biology and Figures and Plates. 194 Pages. £65


317. The Highlands and Islands of Scotland. A Review of the Economic Conditions With Recommendations for Improvement. P.B. Published in 1938. Contents: Foreword, Historical Preface, Introduction, Development Commissioner, Central Marketing Agency, Communications, Practical and Technical Training in Rural Employment and Fishing, Administration, Water Supplies, Drainage, Housing and the Squatter Problem, Unemployment, Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, Industries, Water Power, Tourist Traffic, Leading Issues, Conclusion. Includes 8 Appendices and Index. Includes Letters from the Town Clerk of Inverness at the Time, A Typed Report and what looks like notes with headings about the issues the committee were going to raise with the Secretary of State for Scotland in London in 1939. Also, Includes a Pamphlet -Act Now For the Highlands and Islands by Sir Alexander MacEwan and John Lorne Campbell of Canna Printed in 1939. 238 Pages in the Book. £85


318. Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in The Highlands from 1848 to 1861. To Which are Prefixed and Added Extracts From the Same Journal Giving an Account of Earlier Visits to Scotland and Tours in England and Ireland and Yachting Excursions. Edited by Arthur Helps.  P.B. Published in 1868. The Book is in 3 Parts -Earlier Visits to Scotland, Part Two: Life In The Highlands, 1848 -1861, Part 111 Tours in England and Ireland and Yachting Excursions.  215 Pages. £175


319. Excursions Illustrative of The Geology and Natural History of the Environs of Edinburgh by William Rhind. H.B. Published in 1833. 19 Chapters. 72 Pages. £85


320. Flora of Edinburgh Being A List of Plants Found in the Vicinity of Edinburgh by John Hutton Balfour. Assisted by John Sadler. H.B. Published in 1863.  174 Pages. £125


321. Orkney and Zetland Election Pamphlets 1847. Contents: Representation of Orkney and Zetland What Have the Dundases Done for Orkney and Zetland In a Letter to the Constituency by An Orkney Elector, Observations of the Approaching Contest for the Parliamentary Represenation of Orkney and Zetland Addressed to The Electors of the County By A Conservative Elector, Distress in Shetland A Letter to the Earl of Zetland Occasioned by his Published Reply to a memorial from Proprietors, Traders, Etc of Shetland by Magnus Troil, A Second Letter to the Earl of Zetland by Magnus Troil, A Letter to the Electors of Orkney and Zetland by Eric Hoy, Orkney and Shetland Election A Letter To Eric Hoy from Magnus Troil, A Third Letter to the Earl of Zetland from Magnus Troil, What Is To Be Done For Orkney and Shetland Being Another Letter to his Constituency by An Orkney Elector, A Letter to the Electors of Orkney  and Zetland by An Orkney Elector, A Letter to Arthur Anderson Esq From Andrew Gold, 2 Pages of Queries and 1 Page of Answers. Includes a page of Answers. Also, Includes a pamphlet -Report of the Speeches of Mr Anderson and His Friends on the Hustings at Kirkwall on the 12th August -the day of Nomination.  £150


322. Tale of Old Raasay by Agnes A. MacDiarmid. Illustrated by Margery F. Pomphrey. P.B. Published in 1957. A Tale of the Isle of Raasay at the time of the Clearances. 67 Pages. £20


323. A Manual of the Antiquities, Distinguished Buildings and Natural Curiosities of MorayIn Its Ancient Orelatic Extent; With an Outline of the Geology and Mineralogy of the County an Itinerary of the Province For the Information of Inquisitive Travellers, and Others. H.B. Published in 1823. Second Edition. 61 Chapters. 144 Pages. £125


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325. Lochleven “A Great Loch” By Robert Young. A Day’s Fishing -Bird Life The Abdication and Escape of Mary Queen of Scots. Contents: A Day in Lochleven With Uncle, The Queen’s Escape ( A Play in Five Scenes), Appendix: The Queen’s Deed of Demission, Letters of Regency Executed by Her. 30 Pages and Illustrations. £45


326. Some Notes Upon The Mackays of The Rhinns of Islay with reference to the Mackays of Kintyre, The McGhies of Galloway, and the Irish MacGees. By Lieutenant Colonel Gayre of Gaure and Nigg. Seven Chapters, 3 Appendixes and Illustrations. H.B. Date of Printing Unknown.  67 Pages. £65


327. Additions to the Flora of Orkney, As Recorded in Watson’s “Topographical Botany” Second Edition 1883. By Surgeon Major HH Johnston. Booklet, originally Printed in 1895. Reprinted from “The Annals of Scottish Natural History” No 15 pp. 173-181 July 1895 with corrections up to 31st December 1924, on 1st January 1925. Also, 9 other booklets -Additions to the Flora of Orkney, Additions To The Flora of Orkney Eighth Paper, Ninth Paper, Tenth Paper, Eleventh Ppaer, Twelfth Ppaer, Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Papers. All Booklets and all reprinted from the Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh. £65 for the lot.


328. The House of The Isles by Lady Macdonald of the Isles. H.B. Printed in 1925. Privately Printed. 168 Pages and Illustrations. A Presentation copy from the Author. £65


329. The Flora of Dumfriesshire Including Part of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright by G.F. Scott Elliot. Assisted by J M’Andrew, J.T. Johnstone, The Misses Hannay, G. Bell, R Service, Rev W.Andson, B.N. Peach, T.Horne. H.B. Published in 1896. 8 Chapters, Preface and 2 Indexes.  219 Pages. Includes a Map and is signed by the Author. £65


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332. Beyond the Great Glen. A Wayfaring Guide To The North West Highlands by F. Reid Corson. H.B. Published in 1934. 19 Chapters, Index, Illustrations and Maps. 274 Pages. £25


333. Shetland’s Roll of Honour and Roll of Service 1939-1945. Compiled by Ian Jamieson. H.B. Published in 1991. 204 Pages. Includes Newspaper Cuttings about the Book. £75


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335. Geographical Field Group Regional Studies No. 11. The Island of Unst Shetland by P.T. Wheeler and Members of the Geographical Field Group. A4 Size Booklet Printed in 1964. Eight Chapters, Epilogue, Select Bibliography, Maps and Diagrams. 92 Pages. £45


336. Wild Sports & Natural History of the Highlands by Charles St John. With Introduction and Notes by the Rt Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, B.T, & Fifty Illustrations, Thirty Being Reproduced in Colour, From Pictures By G.Denholm Armour & Edwin Alexander, R.S.W. H.B Published in November 1919. 36 Chapters, Index, and Illustrations. 472 Pages. £85


337. The Leviathan of Wealth. The Sutherland Fortune in the Industrial Revolution by Eric Richards. Foreword by Professor S.G. Checkland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1973. 1st Edition. Contents: Part One: Leviathan of Wealth, Part Two: The House of Sutherland and the Coming of the Railways, Part Three: The Sutherland Clearances, Part Four: Perspectives, Illustrations and Maps. 316 Pages. £25


338.The Hebrides An Aerial View of a Cultural Landscape By Angus & Patricia Macdonald. Foreword by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 10 Chapters, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction and Map Of The Hebrides, Notes, Bibliography, Index.  320 Pages. £25


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340. Inventors and Engineers of Caithness by Robert P. Gunn. P.B. Published in 1998. Contents: Alexander Bain 1810-1877 The father of Communications, Dane Sinclair 1852-1930 Telegraph and Telephone Engineer, Neil Leitch 1865-1923 Watchmaker and Jeweller, Donald Brown 1879-1953, Engineer and Inventor, James Bremner, 1784-1856, Boatbuilder, Harbour Builder and Wreck Raiser, Temple Frederick Sinclair, 1853-1918, Railroad Engineer and Harbour Builder.  77 Pages. £15


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343. Life in the Atholl Glens by John Kerr. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. Seven Chapters, Sources and Bibliography and Index. Includes Photographs. 128 Pages. £15


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345. Geography of Argyllshire. Adapted to the New Code With Coloured Map and Illustrations.Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: Part One: Natural Features, Part Two: Industries, Part III. Population, Towns, Etc. 32 Pages. £25


346. Scottish Record Society. The Commissariot Records of Orkney and Shetland. Register of Testaments. Part I. Orkney, 1611 -1684

Part II. Shetland, 1611-1649. Edited by Francis J. Grant. Booklet, Printed in 1904. 77 Pages. £30


347. Some Dumfries and Galloway Men by James Reid. H.B. With D/J Published in 1922.38 Men are Profiled in this book. 286 Pages. £65


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355. Lonely Isles. Being an Account of Several Voyages to the Hebrides and Shetland Written and Illustrated by Roland Svensson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. Contents: Preface, St Kilda, Foula, Fair Isle, Out Skerries, Bibliography. 142 Pages. £65


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360. Gifford’s “Historical Description of the Shetland Islands” By Thomas Gifford. A Facsimilie copy of the 1773 edition. Includes an Introduction Pamphlet  by Brian Smith Archivist, Shetland Islands Council. Includes newspaper cuttings about the reprint. A Cased Edition, 104 Pages. Published in 1976. £85


361. Lord Henry Sinclair’s 1492 Rental of Orkney by William P.L. Thomson. A4 Size Publication Printed in 1996. Contents: Introduction, The 1492 Rental of Orkney, Tables, Glossary, Weights and Measures, Index, Maps. 113 Pages. £25


362. Land and Plan Basic Facts Relative to a Master Plan for Britain by Professor F.G.R. Taylor. P.B. A3 Size Publication. Both Land and Plan and Maps are inside the Covers. 8 Maps of England and Wales and 6 Maps of Scotland. £85


363The Clans of the Scottish Highlands by R.R. McIan. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. Text by James Logan. Includes a List of Subscribers to the Original Publication.71 Clans are Profiled and Includes Plates.  206 Pages. £45


364. Tourist’s Guide to Sutherland & Caithness With Descriptions of the Places of Interest, Lochs, Rivers, Angling Resorts, and Notes on the History and Antiquities of the District by Hew Morrison. H.B. Fully Rebound. Published in 1883. 121 Pages. £85


365. In Highland Harbours With Para Handy S.S. Vital Spark by Hugh Foulis. H.B. Published in 1911. 26 Chapters, 204 Pages. £15


366. Illustrated Guide to Orkney 1923. Booklet. Contains: Orkney as a Health Resort, City and Royal Burgh of Kirkwall, Routes to Orkney, the Golf Course, Drive through the Different Parishes, The Islands of Orkney and Much more. Includes Numerous Adverts. 70 Pages. £45


367. Peace’s Orkney Almanac and County Directory for 1939. Seventy Sixth Year of Publication. Booklet, includes a directory of events for the 12 months of the calendar year, a list of groups, organisations and contacts, Councillors and officials, Population of each parish in Orkney and Shetland and much more. Also, includes adverts. 190 Pages. £65


368. Peace’s Orkney Almanac County Directory for 1940. Seventy Seventh Year of Publication.Booklet. Contents include; Different Local Committees and Organisations and Office Bearers, Council, Committees, A Diary for the Year, Income Tax Rates, adverts and much more. 96 Pages. £65


369. Historical Description of the Zetland Islands In The Year 1733 With an Appendix of Illustrative Documents by Thomas Gifford of Busta, Stuart and Justiciar -Depute of Zetland. Reprinted from the Original Edition Published in 1786 under the superintendence of John Nichols, London. H.B. Published in 1879. 100 Pages. Only 100 Copies Printed for Subscribers. £125


370. The Life Story of an Old Shetlander by Walter J Gray. H.B. Published in 1970. Mr Gray was one of the first to hear the news of the sinking of the Titanic in 1904, as he was in charge of the wireless station at Cape Race in Newfoundland at the time. 13 Chapters, 141 Pages and Includes a newspaper cutting with details of the publication of the book. £45


371. The Sail Fishermen of Shetland -and their Norse and Dutch Forerunners by Capt A. Halcrow. H.B. Published in 1950. Contents: The Romance of the Isles, The Dutch Invasion, The Busses of Britain, Odyssey of the Sixearn, The Island Bankmen, Herring Sailers, A Trip On The Last Sail Drifter, Appendix I: The 1881 Disaster -A Survivors Account, Appendix II: Shetland Herring Fishing in 1839, Index of Faroe Fishing Vessels, Index of Herring Fishing Vessels, Index of Personal and Firm Names.  187 Pages. £45


372. Memories of the Shetland Islands. The Delineation of an Afterglow by T.Harold Grimshaw. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. 10 Chapters, Epilogue. 73 Pages. £25


373. The Lone Voyage of Betty Mouat by Roderick Grant. H.B. With D/J Published in 1973. 90 Pages and includes newspaper cuttings about the book and about the centenary event. £15


374. Atholl Forest Report 1909. Also, includes a booklet “List of Deer Forests in Scotland with remarks on Shootings, Sheep Farms, Small Holdings, and Afforestation in Scotland By George Malcolm. Printed in 1912.  £85


375. Census of Scotland 1951. Preliminary Report on the Fifteenth Census of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1951. The Publication is in three parts; Part One: Introduction, Part Two: Summary, Part III Population Tables.  47 Pages. £150 (Very Scarce)


376. Boswell’s Journal of A Tour to the Hebrides With Samuel Johnson. Now First Published From the Original Manuscript. Prepared for the Press, With Preface and Notes by Frederick A. Pottle and Charles H. Bennett. H.B. Published in November 1936. Contents: Publisher’s Note, Preface, Table of Illustrations, Extract from Sir Richard Baker’s Chronicle of the Kings of England, Text of a Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, Appendix: Correspondence between Boswell and Lord Elibank, Index. 435 Pages. £45


377.     The Life of Samuel Johnson Comprising A Series of his Epistolary Correspondence and Conversations With Many Eminent Persons; And Original Various Pieces of his Composition With a Chronological Account Of His Studies and Numerous Works To Which Is Added The Journal of a Tour To The Hebrides by James Boswell. Edited With Notes, and a Biographical Dictionary of the Persons Named in the Work by Percy Fitzgerald. Contents: Advertisement to the Present Edition, Advertisement to the First Edition, Advertisement to the Second Edition, Advertisement to the Third Edition, Dedication, The Life of Samuel Johnson 1709-1784, Chronological List of Dr Johnson’s Works, Boswell’s Advertisement of the Life Which Appeared in the Third Edition of the Tour, The Journal of a tour to the Hebrides, Account of James Boswell, Short Biographies of Person’s Mentioned in the Life, Editor’s Notes and Illustrations to the Life, Editor’s Notes and Illustrations to the Tour, A Full Index of Names, Topics and Opinions, Abstract of Johnson’s Letters. Includes Illustrations. 726 Pages. £175


378. Scottish Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil by Samuel G. Green. Illustrated by Eminent Artists. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. Contents: Across the Border: To Edinburgh and Glasgow, Glimpses of Edinburgh and Glasgow, By the Clyde, To the Western Coast, Through the Western Highlands, The Central Highlands: Stirling To Inverness, The Eastern Coast and Deeside, To The Far North 208 Pages. £125


379. New Map Round Glasgow From the Ordanance Survey Published by George Richmond, Nechells Park Road, Birmingham. H.B With the Map in a folder inside, date of Printing Unknown. £125


380. A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland Comprising the Several Counties, Islands, Citys, Burghs and Market Towns, Parishes and Principal Villages With Historical and Statistical Descriptions Embellished with a Large Map of Scotland And Engravings of the Seals and Arms of the Different Burghs and Universities by Samuel Lewis. In Two Volumes. Vol II From Keanlochbervie to Zetland. H.B. Published in  1847. 622 Pages. £125


381. Thoughts on Orkney and Zetland Their Antiquities and Capabilities and Improvements With Hints Towards The Formation of a Local Society For the Investigation and Promotion of these Objects; To Which are Annexed Extracts from Curious Manuscripts Together With Useful Lists. H.B. Published in 1829. Fylly Rebound. Contents: Preliminary Statements, Specimens of Orkney and Zetland Antiquarian Lore, Extracts From Manuscripts, List of Eminent Natives of Orkney and Zetland Now Dead, List of Books Relating to Orkney and Zetland. 47 Pages. £175


382. Pre Historic Remains of Caithness by Samuel Laing ESQ, MP, F.G.S, With Notes on the Human Remains By Thomas H Huxley. H.B. Published in 1866. 160 Pages and Drawings. £65


383. Notes On The Ecological and Natural History of Pabbay, and Other Islands in the Sound of Harris, Outer Hebrides by Charles Elton. Reprinted from The Journal of Ecology Vol XXV1, No 2 August 1938. Booklet. 23 Pages. £30


384. The Clyde From Its Source to The Sea. Its Development as a Navigable River, The Rise and Progress of Marine Engineering and Shipbuilding On Its Banks and The Leading Historical, Geological, and Meteorological Features of the Clyde Valley By W.J. Millar. Copiously Illustrated. H.B. Published in 1888. Contents: Descriptive, Topographical and Tributaries, Geological, Historical, The City of Glasgow, The River, Commercial and Industrial, Meteorological, Defence, Yachting, Lighthouses. Includes many Illustrations. 324 Pages. £45


385. Chronicles of Strathearn With Illustrations by W.B. Macdougall. Cover Designed by A.L. Rankin. H.B. Published in 1896. 14 Chapters by different Authors. 400 Pages and Appendix. £45


386. Grampian Electricity Company. Session 1922. Map. H.B. With the Map folded inside. £85


387. Concise Historical Proofs Respecting The Gael of Alban or Highlanders of Scotland, As Descended of the Caledonian Picts, With The Origin of the Irish Scots, Or Dalriads in North Britain And Their Supposed Conquest over the Caledonian Picts By James A. Robertson. H.B. Published in 1865. 12 Chapters, Conclusion and Appendix. 390 Pages. £85


388. Skye Pioneers and “ The Island” By Malcolm A. Macqueen. H.B. Published in 1929. Contents: Foreword, Founding of Belfast, In Their New Homes, The First Mill in Belfast, The Kirk, Cemeteries, Sunday Observance, Settlement of Orwell, Founding of Uigg and Murray Harbour Board, Uigg Grammar School, Founding of Uigg, Uigg School, Teachers and Scholars, Uigg Centennial, Belfast Riot, Belfast Families. Includes Illustrations. 162 Pages. £85


389. Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides With Samuel Johnson. Containing Some Poetical Pieces By Dr Johnson, Relative to the Tour, and Never Before Published. A Series of His Conversations, Literary Anecdotes And Opinions of Men and Books; With an Authentic Account of The Distresses and Escape of the Grandson of King James II In The Year 1746 by James Boswell. A New Edition Illustrated With Introduction and Notes by Robert Carruthers. H.B Published in 1852. Contents: Introduction, Contents, List of Illustrations, Dedication to Edmond Malone, Esq, Mr Boswell’s Advertisement to the Third Edition. 301 Pages. £85


390.Studies in the Topography of Galloway Being A List Of Nearly 4000 Names of Places With Remarks On Their Origin and Meaning, and An Introductory Essay By Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell, Bart. Of Monreith. H.B. Published in 1879. Contents: Preface, Authorities Quoted, Key To Abbreviations, Studies in the Topography of Galloway, The Topography Of Galloway, Addenta Et Emendenda, Appendix A. Description of Galloway, by John MacLellan, Appendix B. Erse and Gaelic Words Entering Into Place Names. 340 Pages. £125 (First Edition)


391.Memoirs of the Life and Works Of The Late Right Honourable Sir John Sinclair Bart By His Son The Rev John Sinclair. In Two Volumes. Vol II. H.B. Published in 1837. 4 Chapters  Which Contain Sub Chapters. 427 Pages. £85


392. A Shetland Parish Doctor. Some Recollections Of A Shetland Parish Doctor During the Past Half Century By Harry Perason Taylor. Medical Officer for Yell and Fetlar, Shetland from June 1890 to November 1935 With Foreword by Thomas Edmondston Saxby. H.B. Published in 1948. Foreword, Preface, Publisher’s Note, List of Illustrations, 10 Chapters, Appendix and Colour Plates.  136 Pages. £25


393. Donald M’Leod’s Gloomy Memories In The Highlands of Scotland Versus Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Sunny Memories In (England) A Foreign Land: Or A Faithful Picture Of The Extirpation of the Celtic Race From The Highlands of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1892. 212 Pages. £45


394. Hinniwirs Poems and Sketches by “Hiawatha” H.B. Published in 1924. 31 Stories in Total. 173 Pages. £45


395.A Progress In Mountaineering. Scottish Hills To Alpine Peaks By J.H.B. Bell. H.B. Published in 1950. 1st Edition. The Book is in 5 Parts: Introduction, British Mountain Technique, Scottish Mountain Expeditions, Alpine Mountaineering Technique, Alpine Expeditions. Includes Illustrations and Maps. 424 Pages. £45


396. Art Rambles in Shetland  by John T Reid. H.B. Published in 1869. 1st Edition. Contents: Lerwick, Bressay and Noss, Hillswick, Melby and Papa Stour, Foula, North Isles, Scalloway and Sumburgh, Fair Isle, Manners and Customs, Glossary. 64 Pages. £175


397. The Fulmar Population of Britain and Ireland, 1959 by James Fisher. Booklet, Reprinted from Bird Study Vol 13, No 1, pp 5-76. 72 Pages. £25


398. Bibliography Of East Lothian. Compiled by James H. Jamieson, Assisted by Eleanor Hawkins, With Introduction by W. Forbes Gray. H.B. Published in 1936. Only 350 Copies of this work were printed. 108 Pages. £65


399. 200.000 Feet on Foula By Michael Powell. H.B. Published in 1938. Part One has 8 Chapters, Part Two has 8 Chapters, Appendix, Index. Includes Photographs. 334 Pages. £45


400. The Naturalist on the Prowl by Frances Pitt. H.B. With D/J Published in 1934 with Photographs by the Author. Fifteen Chapters, Postscript, List of Species Mentioned With Scientific Names, Index and Illustrations. 137 Pages. £35