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Comann nam Pàrant’s Early Years Officers will be running ‘Thig a Chluich’ sessions in the Western Isles.

These sessions are for children ages 0-3 and their parents (or guardians) with any level of Gaelic – fluent, learning or none at all.

June Graham, Early Years Officer, said: “Young children learn languages quickly and easily. We hope that the Thig a Chluich sessions will give children the chance to learn Gaelic in a fun and natural way and that they will also encourage parents to use Gaelic in the home.”

Anne Ramsay, Early Years Officer, said:“I would love to see Gaelic come back to the homes to keep our language and heritage alive. It's important that parents and grandparents who have the language speak it in an everyday setting at home before the children go to school. Gaelic is for everyday use, and not just for school.”

The ‘Thig a Chluich’ sessions are set to begin on Tuesday 26th October and will run through to Thursday 16th December. The sessions will run every Tuesday between 10am – 11:30am in Stornoway, and then every Thursday morning in Ness, Uig, Tarbert and Siabost (timetable to be found in Editor’s notes).

You will be able to find information on their new Facebook page. You can also contact June Graham or Anne Ramsay, Early Years Officers for the Western Isles.

The ‘Thig a Chluich’ sessions are being run by Comann nam Pàrant with funding from Bòrd na Gàidhlig.


Tuesday 26th October - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 28th October - Spòrs Nis
Tuesday 2nd November - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 4th November - Uig (place tbc)
Tuesday 9th November - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 11th November - Tarbert (place tbc)
Tuesday 16th November - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 18th November - Ionad na Seann Sgoil, Siabost
Tuesday 23rd November - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 25th November - Spòrs Nis
Tuesday 30th November - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 2nd December - Uig
Tuesday 7th December - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 9th December - Tarbert
Tuesday 14th December - Retirement Centre, Stornoway
Thursday 16th December - Ionad na Seann Sgoil, Siabost