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Fish farm redevelopment

Mowi Scotland Ltd, the operators of the Trilleachan Mor Fish Farm in Loch Seaforth, Maraig, has applied for consent to revamp their operation. The proposal is to remove the existing equipment on-site and install five 160 metre circular pens and a C-CAP feed system with associated mooring lines. The reconfiguration will take place within the boundary of the existing fish farm.

Mowi Scotland Ltd says the redevelopment will support and streamline fish health and welfare management and predation control by installing fewer, larger pens. The same maximum biomass will be farmed while operating at a reduced stocking density.

The 160-metre pens, already implemented at two other Mowi Scotland sites at Noster and Seaforth, will reduce the number of pens at Trilleachan Mor from 24 to 15.